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In municipalities across the country, election officials are employing computerized voting machines in lieu of paper ballots.
The ruling party is faring well in the election campaign.
Only twice has a president's party gained seats in his first midterm election.
Online election wagering forums are giving political pollsters a run for their money.
And voters are not much happier about the deluge of ballot measures they face each election cycle.
His election may have been historic, but the comment does not belong in your historic choices column.
But state election laws also allow other uses of voter data.
Of course, in an election year, coverage of the war is more important than ever.
All the more reason to wonder whether this election can be construed as a national plebiscite on net neutrality.
Sometimes voters handed their votes to election clerks for deposit, inviting further fiddling with the results.
When they had their first election, they had polling stations around the country.
About half of the eligible faculty members at the university's three campuses cast ballots in the mail election.
Of course, that rule usually applies to actual election years.
Polling sites all over the country have been flooded with early voters and are preparing for a deluge on election day.
Break the power of partisans to keep candidates off the general-election ballot.
Hence, it may be tough to pin down funding commitments for science and technology between now and election day.
It will be interesting to see what roles energy security and the environment play in the upcoming presidential election.
The conversation runs from the latest on number theory to the fairest way to decide a closely contested election.
In this election year, the bills would become too polarizing and die.
Measuring how candidate appearance affects election outcomes.
In the world of election campaigns, it is television that has made all the difference.
Next election only city council names are put in the hat for county supervisors.
The outcome of the election could have implications for greenhouse regulations, and renewable energy, around the country.
It was plainly intended to show that her election as president would be disastrous.
Adding to this have been the many campaign ads attacking big government that have filled the airwaves as the election approaches.
That's a comforting thought going into an election year.
There is no given correct answer for who should win an election.
We need to get rid of the lobbyist and make all federal election public financed.
Please select this link for current and historical election results.
The primary election is held to nominate candidates who will represent each political party in the general election.
But these are not ordinary times and this is not an ordinary election.
He has an election coming up, so he's not going to do anything to undermine his power.
Every one of them lost his seat in the next election.
No matter who wins the election, the economy has undeniably entered a new phase.
The point is to create an alternative, not to be deluded into thinking there is an open election that can be won.
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