Dread in a sentence

Example sentences for Dread

What made me speak is my dread of the horrible publicity which clings to all this lousiness.
So I'm regarding next week with the utmost dread.
This is one of the things I dread as a new player.
He is ridiculed for his fear of snakes, crocodiles and spiders, and for his dread of the dark forest.
The truth be told, I used to dread playing motion controlled games.
Yet, from the moment I pulled up to the ferry dock, there was dread in my soul.
I'm seldom pleased with the results and dread teaching them.
Like other men in short-sightedness, they did not adequately dread what they thought would not harm them in person.
But dread attends the unknown.
Many candidates dread those events for a number of reasons.
For dread to fall, I stand not fast.
We react to rain with a gamut of emotions, from the sullen dread of rain-drenched commuters to the wondrous joy of children.
The resulting torrent of angry phone calls and e-mails made me dread going to work all month.
Even a year later, the sight of drooping dogwood flowers triggers a sense of dread.
Looking with dread towards the new season, a new companion.
Granted, if you believe the web is already overfreighted with babble, this prospect will fill you with dread.
For those who dread the heat that climate change threatens to bring in coming decades, take comfort.
Some presenters say they dread asking for queries at the end of a meeting, worried that a zinger is in the wings.
Executioners should feel dread and guilt about their killings.
The objects of their attentions dread their ministrations.
It was largely your guilt toward your comrades and toward the dead that held you back, the dread of disloyalty.
The low dread that had afflicted the city was dissipating.
In an instant, our noble isolation takes on an edge of dread.
The stench of desperation, dread and panic must be getting overpowering for you.
It is the season of suicide and divorce and prickly dread, wherever the wind blows.
But she couldn't seem to manage the trip, consumed as she was by some dread that made her shiver half the night.
Many newsrooms remain filled with a sense of mission even amid the looming dread.
Food chemicals elicit plenty of public dread and outrage.
With that distance comes room for imagination and a sort of infectious dread: you can feel it growing after merely a day.
But right-wingers stoked public dread and polls soon showed significant disapproval of the closure.
The bank says it keeps plenty of liquid reserves against the dread day.
The prospect of a commodities powerhouse filled customers with dread.
He remembered the streets thronged with people who were torn between excitement and dread.
Some people say they're worried that a life without dread will lose its savor.
The talk about individual valuations of various health conditions led us to the question of dread.
On that day all manner of beings were abroad: ghosts, fairies, and demons--all part of the dark and dread.
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