Doorknob in a sentence

Example sentences for Doorknob

He was sitting fixed, chilled, when the doorknob turned.
Projecting laser beams through a crystal doorknob creates dripping swirls of red, green, and blue light.
Software-based setup easier to handle than a doorknob.
You've seized on this doorknob, and there's a paradigm of the cosmic experience of doorknob-ness.
One useful thing that you've discovered in your bumbling about is a metal doorknob set at waist level into what might be a door.
Put your own hand on a doorknob close by, and turn it.
Also look for a doorknob and look at your hand as you turn it.
Desperately, as he heard footsteps coming from above, he used a screwdriver to remove the doorknob.
Still in bed, replace pajamas with the two damp swimsuits drying on the bedroom doorknob and pull them up halfway.
Examples include bicycle wheels, roller skates, and a doorknob.
One could also imagine a multi-layered coating for a doorknob.
If you hear the sound of a smoke detector, feel the doorknob of the door you plan to escape through with the back of your hand.
Not being able to release their grip on in a handshake or a doorknob is one example of this problem.
In a room full of nontoxic smoke, kids are taught to crawl to the bedroom door and feel the doorknob for heat before opening it.
If you wake up to the sound of a smoke detector, feel the doorknob with the back of your hand before you open it.
She was able to reach inside and determine that the lever of the doorknob was in the horizontal position.
When you come to a closed door, feel the doorknob and door to make sure that fire is not on the other side.
You'll find a green card on your doorknob, telling you that we'll be in your vicinity soon.
If the door does become locked it should be possible to unlock it by inserting a pin into the hole on the outside of the doorknob.
Touching a doorknob, pressing an elevator button, grabbing a pole on public transit or shaking hands can spread germs to others.
One of the few items that escaped damage from the fire was the doorknob.
And try to avoid using your newly clean hands to touch the faucet or doorknob.
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