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Example sentences for Domains

Three sites have been identified as their possible future domains.
In other domains, the machines will become our collaborators, augmenting our own skills and abilities.
The time has come to achieve the tour of such domains in reality.
These domains will continue to be the two great branches of learning in the twenty-first century.
These are domains with serfs and fiefdoms and all the paraphernalia of any power hierarchy.
It gives you tools and skills for a maximum appreciation of life in all its domains.
As you might already know, plug-ins are available only to those who host their own sites or their own domains.
However, because the algorithm relies on known inputs--namely the date--domains can be precomputed, aiding the defenders.
It offers a way to find people who are particularly authoritative in certain domains.
As for all technology domains, moving pieces in computer will be replaced.
Appeals to extra-normal or supernatural explanations merely identify the domains that are not yet fully understood.
Militancy takes a completely different form in poetry than it does in other domains.
In common un-magnetized iron, many domains are randomly oriented.
As a result, the sum total of all the domains gives the piece a zero magnetic moment.
In some problem domains, creativity can be an important part of success.
Great science and great writing too often are domains exclusive to each other.
Turns out, across many domains, people are drawn to uncertainty.
Statistical estimation constantly intrudes itself into domains in which all outcomes cannot be known.
Experiments in numerous other domains have demonstrated a similar lack of transfer.
Similarly the other sensory domains will be generating possible models that might appear to fit externally impinging stimuli.
Computer simulations are limited in their power to predict unless dealing with limited domains eg objects in a wind tunnel.
They certainly influence who is viewed as having the authority to speak and in what domains.
Two hundred plus geographic enclaves lucky enough to enter the names-on-the-net raffle won the two-letter domains.
Perhaps inducting across domains is more suspect than within domains.
To be practical, this can be done only for domains with narrow subjects such as travel plans.
But it is foolish to call a theory correct in domains where it fails to explain a contradiction.
Such lateral flows are not unknown in those domains.
We can and should be able to investigate these experiences in the spirit of how science is conducted in other domains.
They have their own domains, strengths and weaknesses.
Both are incredibly successful in their own domains, but they are inconsistent with one another.
So big companies mostly try to defend their existing domains rather than to explore and conquer new ones.
Disruptive innovation creates an ecosystem that helps the innovator, other companies, and users across many domains.
They have to share expensive equipment and collaborate with colleagues in different domains.
It's easy to imagine this same approach applying to many different policy domains.
The domains often are not given notice of the seizure, but they may challenge it in federal court.
Additionally, the groups took down a number of law enforcement domains hosted together.
Most significantly, they found that people respond to the same type of argument in multiple domains.
There are domains in which expertise is not possible.
Almost by definition, faith and reason operate in different domains and involve different paths to discerning truth.
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