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Of course, not every family can afford to dole out a weekly allowance.
We know the state officials who dole out economic-development money.
Scientists on the dole are pressured to produce the benefactor specified line.
However, some attendees who paid full price grumbled about having to dole out more cash for some of the experiences.
Shell has chosen to dole out the windfall as fat dividends.
Since his country struck oil, he has had a lot of cash to dole out.
Unfortunately people that pay their own bills are to poor to have insurance and to proud to be on the dole.
We are also going to dole out little bits of the mystery over the course of a long period of time.
Big pharma knows this and the lobbyists dole out money to politicians to affect laws accordingly.
New vending machines at clinics, hospitals, and eventually corner stores will dole out prescription drugs.
Even more worrying are those in extreme poverty: their lot has become even worse with the end of the everlasting dole.
It also put a lifetime cap of five-years on receiving the dole.
They will feel even less need to ask themselves what would happen if they were on the dole.
Better to share jobs than to have some fully employed and some permanently on the dole.
New high-end hotels roll out the red carpet and dole out keys to local lore and culture.
Ahead of the current election they seem to be competing primarily by promising to dole out cash.
For too many immigrants the dole is an acceptable alternative to work.
Otherwise, they can only be a permanent ghetto-state, always on the dole and always resentful of outsiders.
One who truly feels such will be forever dependent on aid and dole outs.
Because she spent her whole life on the public taxpayer dole, so she doesn't really know any other life.
But a growing number of government programs that dole out rebates for installing solar water heaters could help.
And smart people know it costs less to keep someone on the dole than it does to lock them up.
Star professors fob their students off with graduate students who dole out inflated grades in order to keep them happy.
He will have to continue to dole out other treats such as government posts.
The overwhelming reason for their moving is to work, usually with an eye to returning home later, not to go on the dole.
Neighbors exchange gifts, bosses dole out bonuses, and temples are typically flush with donations.
Most musicians still carefully dole out an album's worth of songs every few years to keep from saturating the market.

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It was because of me. Rumors reached Inman that I had made a deal with Bob Dole whereby Dole w... more
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