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Influences of disturbance size and frequency on landscape structure.
Local reproduction, disturbance, and the maintenance of diversity in species-rich communities.
But the bushes below the windows showed no trace of disturbance, nor was there any evidence in the rooms to suggest a break-in.
The collision produces a wave disturbance moving inland to the southwest that is a key part of the cloud formation.
Colored halos around each dot indicate the cause of the disturbance as reported by investigating agents.
The network can be programmed to instantly point a camera at the site of any disturbance.
Any grave disturbance in the supply chain could well impact heavily on the oil prices, intent to soar to another gloomy peak.
It also ensures these goods and services recover relatively rapidly after an accident or natural disturbance.
One theory is that they are a reaction to a gravitational disturbance, perhaps from a close approach by another galaxy.
The risk of a demonstration creating a disturbance, the court declared, was not sufficient to justify a ban.
There are too many disturbance factors, some of that are uncontrollable.
If there is a disturbance to the nest, rattle-ants pick up bunches of their brood and move them to safety.
In the wild the species is highly sensitive to disturbance by human observers.
Flocks will often gather in the same tree or bush to investigate a disturbance.
The snails' ability to move depends on water's tendency for its surface to resist disturbance.
We still need to minimize disturbance by people during breeding.
And pristine places are rare gems that need to be protected from human disturbance as soon as possible.
Yet the delta is not immune to human disturbance, even to eventual destruction.
Handwriting was, however, one of the sites where psychic disturbance first manifested itself.
It is a cross between a sleeping disturbance and an eating disorder.
Mice rattle easily, and even the smallest disturbance in the lab can set off their nerves.
It would require disturbance of the cow's grave but that's not so improbable.
If an aspen grove does not regularly experience fire or some other disturbance, its days are numbered.
Although he couldn't have known it at the time, loosestrife encircled the pond so rapidly because it thrives on disturbance.
We are all unique and diversity of thought is important,it causes disturbance and disturbance leads to discovery.
As a result, the fish turns away from the disturbance and flees.
Some speculate that the disturbance could have sparked the aquatic mammals' freak-out, but other scientists aren't convinced.
Gravity waves, by contrast, can travel right through such obstacles with nary a disturbance.
Some astronomers think that a gravitational or magnetic disturbance causes the nebula to collapse.
Such a chemical disturbance cries out for a chemical solution-that is, a drug treatment.
At this pressure, the unstable uranium inside is vulnerable to any disturbance.
Differential rotation causes any disturbance in the disk to wind up into a spiral form.
During yesterday there was a marked disturbance of the magnetic needle.
They include sleep disturbance and anxiety, which can develop within hours or days after stopping the medication.
Residents near bars with outdoor spaces are becoming increasingly vocal about the disturbance of noise.
They come down in the disturbance, but they don't die.
If an upper-air disturbance is around, it gives the storm extra energy.
Quiet paddling brings the visitor closer to this wildlife-rich habitat, and minimizes disturbance to both flora and fauna.
Parts of the campground are fenced off to prevent disturbance of culturally sensitive spots.
Police called to domestic disturbance between state senator.
The study aims to evaluate a psychological intervention for individuals who suffer from sleep disturbance and bipolar disorder.
The business world reflects the disturbance of war's reaction.
Comets make a disturbance in the air, and perhaps the luminiferous ether is split up by the motion of a comet through it.
Even during these years of comparative loyalty, however, there was plenty of unrest and disturbance.
The crowd at the window have not moved or noticed this disturbance.
And now came out the lady abbess herself to inquire into the cause of this disturbance.
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