Dissident in a sentence

Example sentences for Dissident

One thing keeping them away is the threat of censorship, and fear of being identified as a dissident.
Of course, nobody is forcing those dissident individuals to drink tap water.
He was a dissident and a Czech patriot.
However, no key ministers have left, and the move has failed to impress dissident regional leaders or opposition supporters.
The academy has agreed to a legal settlement with the dissident faculty member.
The point was to quiet dissident voices.
In the Soviet age, he was to be known as a dissident.
Tens of thousands have marched in a funeral for a dissident cleric in Iran.
He was arrested in 1967 for his dissident activities and sentenced to three years in prison; the term was later cut in half.
Of course, the outsider is more easily tolerated than the dissident insider.
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