Disputable in a sentence

Example sentences for Disputable

It is hardly disputable that addictive behavior can be clearly displayed in computer game playing, whether on-line or off.
Of course, the boundaries and definitions are sometimes vague and disputable, as expected of a group that is defined by exclusion.
It's not even disputable, this isn't even a close question.
The indisputable relation between writers' works and their lives becomes disputable as soon as it is enunciated.
Notions such as prices rising when demand rises are not disputable.
In spite of disputable effect on global imbalance, there are great pressure on yuan.
The driver may appear before a hearings officer but only the accuracy of the record in and of itself is disputable.
Disputable charge examples: double billings, charges to your account that belong to another account.
It is disputable whether or not the patient's caregiver was informed of this decision.
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