Discontinuous in a sentence

Example sentences for Discontinuous

My point is that the informal aspects of education are continuous with the formal and not discontinuous.
History is traced not in straight lines but in jagged and discontinuous strokes.
They have created a discontinuous change with a potential to impact the lives of millions.
At the subatomic scale, where the universe is jumpy and discontinuous, physicists don't know how gravity behaves.
There are two major ways to describe its distribution: continuous and discontinuous.
Breakthroughs in communications have been especially discontinuous.
One thing that popped into my head is that many arcs are discontinuous and don't follow the same alignment their whole length.
At the superconducting transition, it suffers a discontinuous jump and thereafter ceases to be linear.
Another possibility is that the human behavior function is discontinuous, meaning efforts to maximize are futile.
Those revolutions were achieved in the end by discontinuous jumps that broke completely with the past in certain respects.
Within this context light has a frequency and a wavelength but it comes to us in a series of discontinuous pulses.
The only alternative is a discontinuous and synchronous universe.
The retreat has occurred at a discontinuous rate over the past half century.
The only alternative is a discontinuous universe where space and time derive from the synchronous projection of atomic matter.
In contrast, to demonstrate quantum tunneling, you need an abrupt or discontinuous spatial change in energy.
It consists of six discontinuous chapters: total recall is evidently not proposed.
So the transaction is discontinuous, but it is still selling off a screen.
When the domain of a function is naturally discrete then the function must be discontinuous.
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