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Birds develop song repertoires and song dialects-in short, they exhibit a birdsong culture that predates human culture by eons.
Different whale families have their own dialects and closely related families share calls.
Now here comes everybody, and they're bringing their own dialects to the online potlatch.
Thousands of languages and dialects are spoken around the globe.
He was fond of cliche, but only his own, and even the dialects of his conversation were polished.
They also learn to recognize the dialects of other pods.
Such studies of human movement could also shed light on the spread of disease and the origins of local dialects.
Numerous other tribal dialects are spoken by other minorities.
There is little if any communication between the two dialects.
Mutually incomprehensible dialects are indeed common, but this is normal considering the huge distances involved.
On top of this, different dialects have different style writing and grammars adopted.
It is teaching them how to speak their own disappearing dialects.
But with those areas ravaged by the storm, some researchers doubt the dialects can survive.
By gaining the ability to communicate in different dialects, the species of mormyrid grew apart.
Two tribes can speak different dialects or languages.
In their first test, the artificial dialects became more structured as words took on a methodical collection of meanings.
All kinds of people, languages and dialects permeate the city.
Over the centuries, obscure dialects and isolated communities have come and gone, dispersed by conquest or ecological disaster.
Measurement of the mutual intelligibility of dialects of a language is discussed.
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