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Calling a tongue a dialect implies that it is derived from and subordinated to a more formal language.
As students will notice at once, dialect and local color play no clear part in the humor of this story.
Some say that the distinction is one of mutual intelligibility: dialects are mutually understandable, languages are not.
Harris's stories are told in the Gullah dialect, often thought difficult by modern readers.
Culturally speaking, Mexico seems like a convoluted quilt of languages, dialects and customs.
Some of these poems were dramatic monologues, commonly in dialect; .
If this is how they "sound out" the word "masculine" I have to wonder what their dialect must be like.
Using Spanish colloquialisms and slang, this debut author pulls off the tricky task of dialect in a manner that feels authentic.
The list grew so rapidly that we realized we had a language, or at least a dialect, on our hands.
And ties of kin, clan or dialect ensure a high level of trust.
His book has only one small but annoying flaw: a tin ear for dialect, but an insistence on using it.
There is little if any communication between the two dialects.
The patent bar is a priesthood with its own secret dialect, intelligible only to initiates.
Such stories, with stock characters speaking in exaggerated dialect, allowed their tellers to laugh away their own unease.
So they even use a dialect, a parlance, that is part of their defense against the larger world.
Crows make tools, play tricks on each other, and caw among kin in a dialect all their own.
Going back to language, consider the rapid changes in dialect that can occur across group boundaries.
Each dancer has a different dialect that they speak.
To go out of my dialect, which you discommend so much.
The language of letters has more definitely divorced itself from the dialect of everyday life.
He wrote for the profession, in impenetrable dialect and style.
Linguists quip that a dialect is a language without an army and a navy to enforce its status.
It's a matter of sitting down with a great dialect coach and learning little by little.
She also shared a pretty fascinating series of similar linguistic studies and dialect maps.
Use a dictionary or other reference to find definitions of the terms dialect and idiom.
Students have a right to use the dialect and language of their own cultural heritage.
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