Detour in a sentence

Example sentences for Detour

Furthermore, if you provide a detour around algebra, you provide an exemption from abstract thinking.
It saved me a long detour by taxi on my way home last night.
Upper wires detour the three-million-volt harmlessly to the ground.
In this case, our light-car must detour around the center, missing the book.
It's often faster to stay on the highway, rather than detour.
It's understandable that many people get irritated by all this, but my detour went incredibly smoothly.
So when confronted with a hill, elephants prefer to take a detour along level terrain, the researchers conclude.
Perhaps it's time for a little philosophical detour.
The applause started up, and then he decided to detour into another ox-bow lake.
One traffic jam or detour and you can miss the whole show.
There have been other days when the curriculum has taken a bit of a detour.
To say a visit it is worth a detour is an understatement.
And while it's not on the coast, it's worth the detour.
In conversation, they often detour into parenthetical tangents, never returning to the main point.
Pooling becomes much more doable if drivers dont have to detour.
Other technologies use more elaborate techniques that detour the signal around transformers.
My next trip through the state will have to include a detour.
All the while, traffic pulses through the entire construction zone with only one detour.
We detour into melting bogs and cross a small lake where the top layer of ice is covered with standing water.
Elimination of the thirty-mile detour that was formerly necessary in order to reach.
Each trip has a suggested length, time of year to go and an optional detour.
One came out of a piece of newly cleared ground, making a wide detour to avoid the snakes.
But from the side, the light would appear to come out of nowhere, as though sent on a detour to another dimension and back.
In fact, as the guide books say, even worth a detour.
Finally, the driver resorted to a long southern detour to find a road that wasn't impeded by fallen timber.
Progressives had plenty of applause lines without this detour.
The rediscovery of nutmeg also brings a touch of history with it, including one rather unexpected detour.
The braiding occurs when one driver gets stuck and others detour around the signs of trouble, making new tracks.
So the biotech shortcut has turned into a lengthy detour.
And to look inside cells would require a detour outside the traditional boundaries of cardiology.
Stretching that detour to now include buying a manufacturer of a piece of collapsing-margins hardware is not a clever move.
There is no mention of radar failure in the transmitted messages, but that would explain the lack of detour.
Stressed out by the gridlock, you decide to take a detour to the gym and sweat away your frustration.
Oil prices seep into asphalt costs, detour road work.
No matter what side of the immigration debate you're on, this museum is a fascinating stop worth a detour.
More people are taking an early detour from the corporate world into volunteerism.
However, there is construction in the area that involves a detour and head-to-head traffic.
Drafts from those areas could detour smoke away from the alarm.
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