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Example sentences for Deform

Different kinds of metals and other materials typically deform because of defects in the way their molecules are put together.
On the other hand, government incentives gradually shape a culture, and can deform it too.
The pressure changes deform the overlying rocks, possibly jarring certain faults into action.
She wants to say them, but she wants to deform them so they won't be heard because they're so hideous.
The first victory of good taste is over the bombast and conceits which deform such times as these.
Since the new material is stiff, it takes a significant amount of energy to deform it.
To form diamond, the hexagonal rings in graphite first have to deform.
The cribs' drop-side plastic hardware can break, deform, or parts can become missing.
But my biggest complaint is how they deform the skin on my hands.
It is clearly distinct from the sphere because you cannot deform a torus into a sphere no matter how you twist it.
In other words, it could get a secure grip only on what it could deform.
No longer centered, the ball and socket would deform with growth.
Stressed rocks would deform in a characteristic way and release water that could be detected.
Virulent small-town parochialism toughens these daughters but does not deform them.
If you're shearing a box with fix deform, you have to use a triclinic box.
Consequently, the web may not yield or deform into the inelastic range.
Sometimes when you deform a material, it bounces back into its original shape.
The initial lining is somewhat flexible and allows the rock to deform in a controlled fashion until an equilibrium is reached.
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