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The formal definition of a limit is defined with the ideas of "greater than" or "less than".
Have the class come up with a definition of migration.
In truth, there is no universally accepted definition of the term.
Clips can be shot in both high definition and standard definition.
Pain and pleasure are simple ideas, incapable of definition.
Using this definition, the media industry now includes strange newcomers.
Pluto is no longer a planet, according to a new official definition.
Publishers of all stripes are struggling with that definition, including children's publishers.
The new definition includes three basic stipulations.
That the definition of public policy is difficult and elusive is marked by the relatively few attempts to define it.
Being locally native, or degree of water, are a big part of my definition.
But they're still fellowships, temporary by definition.
That's the definition of basic science, and delving into the unknown is what makes it exciting.
Cross-subsidization, by definition, means that some people are paying more than what they're buying costs to provide.
But the precise definition of the term leadership can be at times opaque, signifying many things, not all uniform.
Emphasize the other definition of scholar, ie, a student or pupil.
Also the definition of simultaneity can be given relative to the train in exactly the same way as with respect to the embankment.
Character writers had introduced their portraits with a pointed or fanciful definition.
He is constructed partly by negative definition, built up by a great number of observations.
He begins with a definition of culture which hardly anyone could refuse to accept.
Let's start with the definition of an invasive species.
By definition, every atom of a given element has a specific number of protons in its nucleus.
Our collective idea of fun then, is by definition a little naughty.
They also feel pretty strongly about its definition.
Be cautious of items that are highly distinctive because those, by definition, are inconsistent with the themes in the room.
Mind you, the video is standard definition, but it's still a compelling feature on an iPod.
But it would serve the gaming industry well to have a more inclusive definition.
It's such a thicket that scientists and philosophers can't even reach consensus on a definition of consciousness.
Economists' definition of success is all about dynamic growth.
And he can never break out of that definition, no matter what happens to him.
Protagonists are always loners, almost by definition.
In fact, it's the definition of success for a modern president.
It is not that he has tried for some higher definition of the particular and failed.
Determining whether an industry is in a recession is tough, because there is no such technical definition.
But their disagreements extend even to the definition.
It helps that natural history looks good in high-definition and in three dimensions.
Any attempt to find a clear definition of a country soon runs into a thicket of exceptions and anomalies.
But this has created a lot of confusion: the standard definition of recession needs rethinking.
It is a matter of definition, and the quality of the measure is a function of the credibility of the method of definition.
By definition, personalised medicine includes the study of genetic mutations and other personal characteristics.
On the other hand they are, by definition, poisonous.
But for those brought up on a textbook definition of what a virus is, it is still a bit of a shock.
Your correspondent installed a broadcast antenna to receive high-definition television.
High-definition cameras, editing software and computer-processing power are all much cheaper.
Fashion of any sort is, by definition, deeply committed to built-in obsolescence.
Ask them to make a second and it should, by definition, be less accurate.
Half the world will be luckier than the other half, by definition.
Yet movie studios are trying to spawn a newer market by producing even higher definition video.
By medical definition, the pills block rather than terminate pregnancy.
As the image loses definition over time, the emotional sting subsides as well.
The definition made in this article mirrors this concept perfectly.
So by definition, a straight line is necessarily the shortest distance.
Power, measured in megawatts is by definition an instantaneous unit.
The definition of movement is simple erroneously limited.
Procedure and definition, not facts are their primary domain.
That's the definition of random: there's no relationship, no pattern there to be discovered.
If the definition of inflation is too many dollars chasing too few goods, the too many dollars aren't out there.
Details are slightly blurry, testifying to the snapshot's loss of definition when blown up to such a size.
By comparison, pulled pork and beef brisket are unexceptional, the flavor pleasant but lacking definition.
It is by definition a social instrument, turning middle managers into bullet-point dandies.
Tells about the social science definition of epidemics.
Financial crises, almost by definition, are unexpected.
The underlying definition of a species is a group of organisms with common attributes, capable of interbreeding.
By definition, they dominate their surroundings with towering height.
They should focus on their own understanding of this word rather than a dictionary definition.
The probe's high-definition data also reaffirm some long-standing riddles.
There is no precise definition of when a language should be considered endangered.
Then have them verify the word's meaning by looking up the definition in a dictionary.
Help students develop a definition of population density.
Provide a simple definition of globalization: the transfer of goods, information, and ideas between many countries.
Pay particular attention to the tropical plants section, which provides a definition of adaptation.
Tell them that sharks are predators, and have students generate a definition for the word predator.
Almost every new camera that gets sold today comes with high-definition video capture built in.
Which was pretty much the dictionary definition of adding insult to injury.
Foreign policy, by definition, is about the balancing of national interests and national resources.
But then he goes as far as to call the compounds inviting-which by definition they cannot be.
In her view the definition of torture is essentially a legal matter, which will turn on a particular set of facts.
By his definition, and only his definition, it worked fine.
Making the exercise of power contingent on payment by definition breaks the link.
By your own definition, it's brave, what you did out there.
My aim was truth, truth to a particular experience, containing a definition of the writing self.
By definition, deterrence works because nukes induce terror-that's the whole point.
Digital computer programs by definition consist of sets of purely formal operations on formally specified symbols.
Danger, and the way one faced it, could play an important part in self-definition.
The larger question arises of the definition of the other, the outsider, the stranger.
The clear implication is that the multiversity dare not risk self-definition.
Tragically, it is the speech range that is especially vulnerable, and deafness by definition is the inability to perceive speech.
More and more people are experiencing high-definition movies and television in breathtaking color and detail.
New technologies wirelessly transmit high-definition video.
As the definition of the workplace changes, dramatic increases in productivity could be ahead.
In the new study, researchers started with human embryonic stem cells, which by definition can differentiate into any cell type.
Traditionally, one definition of forbidden work was lighting a fire.
But in the last few years, a growing body researchers have begun to explore the possibility that this definition is too limited.
So almost by definition, these copy protection programs are indistinguishable from malicious code.
The robot also has two standard and two high-definition cameras embedded inside the gold helmet that covers its head.
By definition, plankton are waterborne animals or plants that cannot swim against an ambient current.
But by definition, revisiting the experience can be frightening, and people often become locked in the grip of intense anxiety.
The cortical thinning seems to fit the definition as a warning flag.
The current definition of the water footprint doesn't address these discrepancies.
But no one had bothered to come up with a standard definition for diagnosing the condition.
The definition of a professional astronomer is one who gets paid to do it.
But this doesn't change the mathematical definition of pi.
Self-replication is the cornerstone of any definition of life.
In short, your definition fails to adequately describe the observational data.
But endangered species are, by definition, small populations facing their own genetic bottlenecks.
By definition, vacations are a break from routine activities.
Contain the definition of a mental illness within sensible borders.
Of course, everyone has a different definition of old-fashioned.
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