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From earrings and necklaces to lipstick and tattoos, humans across cultures decorate themselves.
The effort taken to bury and decorate the remains implies the infants or their families were held in high esteem, she notes.
But the details have been fuzzy because it's difficult to tinker with the mixture of hydrocarbons that decorate the flies.
Every holiday the cook, waitresses, and he would decorate and dress for the occasion.
Turquoise and red dyes are still visible inside grooved diamonds and polygons that decorate the cover.
Decorate bottom of a mould with parsley and slices of hardboiled eggs.
Oversized paint pots and paint brushes, in fuchsia pink and lime green, decorate the set.
Overflowing skips and perhaps a soiled mattress or two will decorate the stairwell.
Medical illustrations, including those of the life of an embryo in the womb decorate the wall.
Little pumpkins decorate the driveway, despite the fact that the lakefront property is closed up for the winter.
Rather than cutting them first, decorate the bars and let the chocolate set before cutting.
They wanted to open and decorate the salon, and they hired all the right staff.
We would be fighting on who gets to decorate the house.
Once the giveaways are gone and there's a place for all the keepers, it's time to decorate.
He uses hand-made copper wheels, the finest of which is only the size of a pinhead, to decorate a piece.
Many fishermen decorate their huts with amusing or practical accessories.
If you plan to paint the bag, you'll want to do that the day before you plan to decorate it.
If you're looking for something to decorate your mad science lab or morgue, this is the place to buy it.
Torn posters decorate the walls and the shelves are overloaded with toppling books.
Decorate your desktop with images from past issues of the magazine.
Decorate a large tissue box and stuff plastic shopping bags into it.
Decorate the outside of the paper towel roll with stickers or wrapping paper.
Decorate a pillowcase or reusable canvas shopping bag to carry the trick-or-treating haul.
Decorate with the cookies, pecans, and cake decorating gels as shown.
Decorate your desktop every week with a new photograph.
Browse through our galleries and decorate your desktop.
Donate homemade wreaths to a residence for seniors, then volunteer to help decorate for the holidays.
If your special one adores fresh flowers and is a romanticist, decorate her cabin.
They then burnish the pots with a smooth stone and decorate them.
Historic markers and monuments decorate the park, and living history demonstrations are scheduled throughout the year.
Festival organizers asked local business to decorate their exteriors to provide color to the town during the festivities.
Individual families can use whatever they wish to decorate the t-shirts.
They can be suspended from trees limbs and left to flutter in the breeze, or they can decorate the walls or windows.
You'll make fillings for chocolates such as praline, caramel and truffle, or hand decorate chocolates and seasonal specialties.
Learn how to decorate cupcakes and take home a half-dozen.
Keep the root-ball moist and use cool lights and lightweight ornaments to decorate it.
Decorate as desired with icing, sugars, glaze or chocolate.
Make clothes out of felt scraps and decorate with the trim.
Residents can decorate their private rooms and baths with their own belongings.
Decorate the vase by adding smaller felt shapes with glue.
Let children decorate their bicycles with environmentally friendly materials and have a parade.
Your parents are allowing you to decorate your room using geometric shapes.
Or decorate your helmet with stickers and reflectors to show your personal style.
Once the bead is dry, decorate with different bead decorations listed above.
Decorate the room with posters of fruits and vegetables and those encouraging physical activity.
Wrap and glue construction paper over the container and decorate.
Color and decorate masks to your needs or let children color and decorate.
Visitors can help decorate campsites and tour the campground to enjoy the festive lights.
Make feathers of different sizes and colors and attach them to a band that you decorate with a pattern.
The baker has a huge sheet cake that he needs to decorate.
Help him decorate the cake according to his directions.
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