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Some negative promotion and tenure decisions seem predetermined the moment a newly hired scholar signs a job contract.
Much of it involves carrying through decisions she has already taken.
Whether they realize it or not, every member of our modern society makes far-reaching decisions every day.
Humans often make irrational choices when faced with challenging decisions.
Holding a heavy clipboard leads to weighty decisions.
How greed, incompetence, and neglect led to bad decisions.
Crowds tend to be wise only if individual members act responsibly and make their own decisions.
These decisions drew biting criticism, from inside and outside the court.
That's unfortunate because it's important knowledge readers should have as they make garden design decisions.
And it seems the effects of these experiences reverberated through the rest of his life decisions.
The panels that select the recipients of the highest accolades in science have made their decisions.
Good job to that pilot who had to go down, he made all the right decisions and kept people safe.
And, how markets make aggregate decisions that can best be described in rather esoteric financial calculations, even then.
Thus, it is unusual for followers to speak out against the toxic leader's lies or poor decisions.
Small decisions such as whether to use liquid or bar soap can have a big impact on your environmental footprint.
There are many things to plan for, such as color blindness, that you can use to help make decisions.
How that early bond subtly shapes decisions and moods.
Some of it is exogenous to the collective decisions of firms, some of it is endogenous.
Explain that they will work in groups to ask questions, identify spatial processes, and make their own predictions and decisions.
But those nudges have to be designed to push the right buttons in terms of how people actually make the relevant decisions.
These decisions affected not only individual lives but often the lives of others in unexpected and profound ways.
Smarter maternal decisions prevent leading causes of mortality.
The study also suggested that sleep deprivation interferes with the ability of the prefrontal cortex to make logical decisions.
If that were true, we'd have seen activity in regions that track decisions.
The idea of handing such decisions to outsiders might make some faculty members wince.
The doctor uses that information to make immediate decisions.
The selection committee endeavors to have funding decisions made within ten weeks of application submission.
It's more interesting to look at decisions during the game.
The fear helps keep you sharp, helps you make good decisions.
The farther you get from the people you are making decisions for, the worse those decisions are likely to be.
The report or essay should describe the kind of map needed for their decisions and their reasons for using that map.
These expeditions aim to quickly register the flora and fauna in order to inform conservation decisions.
Each makes subtle responses to its surroundings with fuzzy logic rather than yes-no, on-off decisions.
The newspaper subsequently published a number of articles criticizing campus security and certain administrative decisions.
Furthermore, the regulator is obliged to take into account the effects on employment of its decisions when clearing deals.
The plain fact is that many clinical decisions made by physicians appear to be arbitrary, uncertain and variable.
Make decisions based on facts and argument, not experience.
They had to make decisions for themselves on the spot.
We have to trust them to make the right decisions for themselves.
Genome sequencing is now starting to be used in the clinic to guide diagnosis and treatment decisions.
As well as having lots of money, they tend to make decisions quickly.
People are taking a lot longer to make decisions and offers.
After rating the profiles, the participants were asked to say how important they thought each attribute was in their decisions.
Advertisers know who makes the purchasing decisions and to whom they should advertise to maximize their profits.
Decisions are made by committee, rather than by an individual, to reduce the scope for outside pressure.
For decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse.
Consequently he who molds public sentiment goes deeper than he who enacts statutes or pronounces decisions.
The decisions of his life prove the sincerity of this devotion.
Here its decisions are confused and often unintelligible.
Its decisions have been patiently waited for, and accepted as legally conclusive by the general judgment of the public.
Time which obliterates the fictions of opinions confirms the decisions of nature.
He had definite knowledge of all cases and decisions.
Since nothing more was to be expected, the hour had come for definitive decisions.
Moreover, its decisions are likely to enforce themselves.
The impossibility of admitting so many absurd decisions, threw doubt over those more reasonable.
The councils have frequently borrowed the words of this holy doctor in expressing their decisions.
After the movie, have the groups compare their decisions to the ones the expedition made.
Handling the objects affected the subjects' impressions and decisions, the study found.
Give them a choice, and then ask them to write two-page essays elaborating on their decisions.
The photographer must continually make decisions about framing as he or she anticipates a moment.
Traveling, when you think about it, is based on a series of decisions.
Making green clothing decisions presents challenges that shoppers encounter in many areas.
In short, they might make better ethical decisions than people.
These days the gods of travel favor those who make last-minute decisions.
But they never talked about how the guy got himself into trouble because he really made some poor decisions.
The hardest part, however, about making weather-related decisions is the inability to please everyone.
It is an open and ugly secret that many colleges still weigh such factors in faculty hiring decisions.
They seek consensus whenever possible but aren't afraid to make tough decisions when necessary.
Grading abuses are fostered by tying student evaluations to tenure decisions, salary determinations, and promotions.
So there's some evidence that stress doesn't help us make good decisions.
That's not to say that interviews serve no purpose in admissions decisions.
Another key difference between an academic role and an administrative one is the freedom to make independent decisions.
Comparing costs and benefits at the margin is not always the right way to make decisions.
Well-informed consumers tend to make rational decisions.
We need to train our students to make responsible and ethical decisions based on their evaluation of scientific evidence.
The other intelligent computer is the one making decisions about your slide angles, brake applications and throttle openings.
They make decisions about what to do and where to go.
If your peer group accepts bad short-term decisions, you will often make bad short term decisions.
Don't make major financial decisions based on hypothetical future tax policy changes.
To think of these school segregation decisions as marking a sudden unexpected turn would be a mistake.
Individuals and cultures have always made countless decisions about what things are food and what are not.
Each of them had direct experience in making similar decisions.
Many routine decisions are complicated by the unknown.
Still, the major steering decisions in national policy make a difference in the long term.
Some see slowness to reconsider unpopular decisions as a virtue, not a flaw.
Major decisions would be put off for weeks until suddenly she would erupt, driving her staff to panic and misfire.
Many of the immigrant mothers who are making these decisions about their daughters know little or nothing about their own anatomy.
Every week seems to yield a new discovery about how bad people are at making decisions.
When driving a car, for example, many probabilities will be collated to make decisions such as whether or not to brake.
As many decisions as possible should be left in the individual's lap, because no one knows your interests better than you do.
Decisions about where to place high-speed rail lines aren't the only transportation decisions that are affected by politics.
It is pretty obvious that utilitarians must be unhappy in some way to be able to make these decisions in the first place.
But it cannot make those decisions that are instinctive to human drivers, such as swerving or accelerating out of danger.
In the end doctors, governed by the law and the judicial system, do have to take such decisions.
Nobody reads the journals themselves much anymore, but where a paper hits is critical for promotion decisions.
In this research, two participants worked together or in isolation to make decisions about visual images.
Some decisions were delayed, but once the moment came, there was not turning back.
Adults regularly appear to include fairness measures when making decisions.
It turns out that patients commonly prefer to have others make their medical decisions.
With the guidance of her entourage, she invariably made the wrong decisions, and the result was humiliation and conviction.
Policymakers make bad decisions all the time, of course.
The good news is that the pace of decisions increased.
My candidates are incentive problems, poor policy decisions, and misguided economic theorizing.
It was their clients, the museum's board, who made those decisions.
But when they have to actually govern and make decisions, big problems arise.
To spend time with him is to see the world as one long string of bad decisions.
But it's well established that the way choices are framed often has a huge impact on the decisions people make.
With cheaper communication costs, many more people can make decisions for themselves, because they have the information they need.
That's something doctors must do when making decisions for their patients.
The possible treatment decisions or other responses were well-defined.
They feared it would encourage premature decisions and their promulgation before careful review.
Commodities markets, which set prices on the basis of group knowledge, play a growing role in everyday business decisions.
These kinds of decisions are far better made by persons who have an economic incentive to make good choices.
The problem lies in the area that decisions are being made from some of this data that are critical and that's the problem.
The current political climate is not conducive to having scientific arguments heard before political decisions are made.
Not all privacy violations resulted from decisions websites have made.
Hardware and software decisions should be made on the basis of the task at hand.
But when it comes to making decisions that affect other people, you'd better base those decisions on the consensus reality.
It allows us to explain our decisions to the public.
These showed noticeably brighter regions of yellow, suggesting that their decisions demanded significantly more brain power.
Important decisions-what we're going to do with our career or whom we're going to marry-are usually not made on the fly.
When that neural system was occupied by the button-pressing task, he found, people took longer to make utilitarian decisions.
Most fundamentally, scientists say, hoarders possess a profound inability to make decisions.
Before you make any life-altering decisions in the future, you may want to guzzle a few liters of water.
However, much evidence shows that reasoning often leads to epistemic distortions and poor decisions.
Alcohol selectively slowed negative self-relevant decisions, regardless of other factors.
Her characters are real, people caught out by their own desires and decisions, and they demand our attention.
The people responsible for these decisions escape accountability.
These decisions are meeting much opposition, which is likely to fail.
In both cases, the ultimate end may perhaps be explained by individual temperament and personal decisions.
And make no mistake, the critical decisions laying the basis for the state of exception were made in a state of anxiety and fear.
Eventually they will have to make tougher decisions.
The subjects make decisions that can be precisely measured and recorded.
There wasn't necessarily any political logic to these decisions.
Rather, decisions about which blacks-and how many-will be promoted are made by white superiors.
But they are not the type of immediate threat that spurs risky political decisions.
What a museum chooses to exhibit is sometimes less important than how such decisions are made and what values inform them.
They are the result of millions of decisions made by millions of people.
His report was dramatically written and scathingly critical of the decisions made by officers in frontline command positions.
Snap decisions more often than not turn out to be the right ones as commanders kick-start the dormant military machine.
He didn't alter the way he made investment decisions, for instance, or the way he communicated with his investors.
Neil was generally defensive about his business decisions.
While they waited for her to return from a ski trip, no decisions could be made on the next move.
He said later it was one of the hardest decisions he had ever made.
Indeed, some of the prosecution witnesses conceded that they could understand certain patients' decisions to end their lives.
His job was to advise the president on the environmental implications of decisions that he makes.
As the pilot, he was officially in command, but he understood that he was in no condition to make decisions.
Everything was brought to him for decisions, and ultimately his decisions were correct ones.
To scientists, it's all part of the larger question of how the human brain makes decisions.
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