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Formal dress dictated that females wear such intimate, and often uncomfortable, articles of clothing.
The best for piece of clothing for traveling-can really dress up for a night out or dress down for hiking or biking.
Most of the book is devoted to a cataloguing of bridal accoutrements: the dress, the garter, the groom.
And after she left the wedding dress behind, so did the groom.
Blue-for-everyone clothing began to disappear and some variety of colors and styles in dress began to appear.
Putting on a sparkly dress for the holidays always brightens your mood.
Forcing the elite to dress modestly suggested that power and place were no longer to be marked by yards of lace and frills.
We dress for the activity and cycle quickly enough to break a sweat, not good once you arrive at work.
Dress the outdoor space with candles and potted blooms, and toss some fleecy throws on the chaise.
The dress has made a major fashion comeback, and not a nanosecond too soon.
Department stores have already said they will curb buying, reining in designers who used to make the same dress in a dozen hues.
Her dress caused a stir when the press glimpsed a photograph of her modeling it days before the ball.
Gold-frosted chocolate leaves dress up holiday desserts.
The days of shopping for a prom dress in bridal or formal-wear shops are gone.
The fabric is fantastic and it makes the skirt look appropriate for both dress and play.
In the muggy heat, he's rolled up the sleeves of his white dress shirt.
Colorful saris dress up a remodeled backyard shed for summer relaxing.
The luncheon dress might be called fashion's version of a watercress and endive salad.
It doesn't matter what they wear, nor does it matter how you would dress if you worked there.
Dress up your alfresco dining scene with this pretty centerpiece.
Visibility is vital, but you don't have to dress in neon green to be seen.
Ah, but a shirt dress could be considered business casual, esp if sleeveless.
Dress with toasted sesame oil and seasoned rice vinegar.
Then the bird threw down a much more beautiful dress than on the preceding day.
Then dress the meat with the flavors of your country of choice.
Carry the salad in layers, then dress and mix it at the beach.
Dress up a few lanterns with ribbon, add some sunny fabric, and your plain canvas umbrella is ready to party.
Large glazed pots filled with succulents and other easy plants dress this patio.
Owl clover and globe mallow dress to the nines for the prettiest time of the year.
Walking down the aisle in a long dress is one thing, but dancing in it is another.
Next to eating and drinking, dress holds the first place in the thoughts of mankind.
But the bigger reason for the triumph of casual dress at work is growing employee power.
It also tells them whose birthday it is and how to dress.
Others have told us they find it helps to dress up for a phone interview.
They must learn to rely on other cues such as gait, spectacles and manner of dress.
They dress soberly, talk responsibly, and operate from well-organised offices in central locations.
We dress quickly and begin walking while the snow is still firm.
They see his dignity, his manhood, his stylish dress.
He had sold dress fabrics, following in the footsteps of the grandparents who had brought him up.
Many restaurants are casual, requiring only slacks and a dress shirt.
It would also require that models comply with the dress code before returning to the floor.
Not about hair color or teeth-unless asked-but about professional dress and unprofessional comments.
Winds can be strong and unpredictable, so dress in layers.
The bridegrooms dress in peculiar buttock-exposing costumes and clatter from bar to bar on skis.
Dress up these cakes with salsa and sour cream and serve as an appetizer.
Some hyper-purists in alternative photography believe that their subjects should dress up in period costume.
Large glazed pots filled with succulents and other easy plants dress the patios.
But if throwing fancy-dress garden parties is your style, set the bricks in mortar on a concrete base.
In late winter, side-dress planting with cottonseed meal or chicken manure.
Decorative metal panels, allowed to rust naturally, dress a once-plain wooden fence.
Social housing is too obvious if people behave or dress differently.
Clean, dress, and cut chicken in pieces for serving.
Then the bird threw a gold and silver dress down to her, and slippers embroidered with silk and silver.
They all want to kiss the bride, they all want rooms to dress in, they all want to talk.
Her dress became her, and she looked not less charming than when unattired.
There, he learned how to train sled dogs and how to dress for cold weather.
Wearing a white dress shirt and jeans, his demeanor entirely professional, he attracted no attention.
Foreigners were labeled by their regional or political names, and they were always depicted with distinctive features and dress.
Guidelines for dress and conduct are available at this site.
They have been happy to perform public dress rehearsals to test their response to bomb attacks and avian flu.
Each day she would be there in her thin cotton dress, asking him to feed her chickens.
As the archbishop walked in he was joined by dancers in traditional dress, musicians and nuns.
For an evening dress, payments stretch to ten months, interest-free.
Stern guides have been replaced by volunteers offering fancy-dress outfits or cooking lessons to children.
Choosing the perfect wedding dress can sometimes be a long, drawn-out process.
She has served as a role model for everything from proper feminine behavior to dress and hairstyle.
Although period dress is not required, it is encouraged.
For the littlest members of your ghoulish brood, there will be story times and opportunities to play dress up.
Be creative: have your subjects wear costumes, such as a ten-gallon hat or a long dress, and have them strike an eerie pose.
To teach the gulls that the mannequin is a serious threat, the biologists sometimes dress up in its costume and shoot a few.
He was a benevolent if remote presence, largely preoccupied with managing a successful dress manufacturing company.
The faculty and students actually have a dress code they have to follow if they are in patient care areas.
We dress well, speak well, and appear consummately put together.
Finally, make sure you dress appropriately for whatever business situation you encounter.
Her website shows her hugging a stuffed white rabbit and playing dress-up.
There was blood everywhere, staining her white dress crimson.
By a hired cook at home while you jaunt around the park in a filmy, ruffled dress, maybe.
Malaysians are particularly kind to visitors who dress modestly.
Yet the cake cried out for a glaze to top it off, the way an artfully placed scarf turns a dress into an outfit.
We were a different country: formal in our manners and dress, but more relaxed about eating meals across from a stranger.
Lemon juice is essential when this sauce is used to dress salads, providing the perfect bridge between green and dressing.
She climbed out of the box and curtsied in her glittering dress.
But before she got to the bottom of the hill a bush caught her dress.
At his funeral the widow appeared in a white dress with a vertical neckline.
But you drag yourself out of bed, dress, and head to the office anyway feeling virtuous and sick.
He could barely dress himself, and only glacially at that.
Above the square neckline of her dress the skin, pallid, seemed to emanate a darkness.
In fact, her condition was a plus, since it presented the opportunity to dress her.
We next see him wearing a strawberry-blond wig and a summer dress.
There's no dress code, though leg irons are always appropriate.
She enters the car slowly, casually, her hips and breasts moving to and fro in her light summer dress.
The movie unfolds in a modern setting, and in modern dress.
The place had the air of a dress rehearsal, with the customers playing themselves.
And her careless dress and attention-seeking behavior hinted that she had lost control of more than her diabetes.
Her hair is long, her dress is simple, and she is barefoot.
Anyone can dress up as a scientist, play the part, and tell you anything.
Besides, since her mode of dress is obviously a deliberate choice, she obviously enjoys showing off her attributes.
It's true that to a mathematical layman, you can dress up a bunch of baloney and make it sound good.
In secular dress and in ordinary times, without magical powers or doctrinal authority, they have been pushed to the sidelines.
She was wearing an immensely dramatic flowing red dress.
Strict laws prevented dietary excess, unusual dress, and anything but the traditional huts for common people.
During the next year the laws regarding codes of dress or matters of faith and worship will probably remain unchanged.
Decisions on how to dress were sometimes strategic, sometimes controversial, always significant.
Most establishments apply the same dress code outside as in the main dining room.
Shoes, bag and jewelry to go with said dress, triple check.
T here are people who dress up and there are people who dress down.
There are people who dress badly and people who dress inappropriately.
You're with the bride for all the dress fittings and the rehearsals.
They dress in vintage formalwear instead of storm trooper costumes.
But as the years went by, some non-golfers joined the group, and they had no clue about the dress code and didn't much care.
The royal opted for courtroom glam, showing off a polka-dot sheath dress and satin overcoat.
Naturally, the designer declined to discuss the dress.
Our focus is art and painting and dress-up and singing.
But when it comes to the dress, we're nothing but serious.
Regardless of industry, almost all businesses with employees have some form of a dress code policy.
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