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Example sentences for DOVE

The dove sat in the tree's branches, as loud as a used-car commercial.
The plane didn't have a lot of speed and dove off the edge of the ship.
It is an amazing end to an amazing evolutionary story-Deinonychus into dove.
He had a secret cipher of his own, though, a dove with an olive branch.
Public portraits of the new leader depict him with white roses and a white dove.
Some of his oldest detractors reckoned he might astonish everyone by switching from populist hawk to pragmatic dove.
Down in the hollow was the mourning dove-it was not too late for him.
It is as harmless as a dove, as beautiful as a rose, and as valuable as flocks and herds.
Near dusk he woke to a dove singing on the phone wires.
So they got into their scuba gear, dove in with their audio equipment, and started playing the sequence.
Even so there came by them a bird on their left, an eagle of lofty flight, with a cowering dove in his clutch.
The verdict acquits the raven, but condemns the dove.
The jet rose and disappeared into the sunlight and then glinted back into existence as it dove.
Its symbolism is unmistakable, and many immediately interpreted it as a dove.
He spray-painted a picture of a peace dove in a flak jacket that was captured in a sniper's crosshairs.
Agricultural crops, other feed, and natural vegetation may be manipulated to improve dove hunting.
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