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And today's body of medical knowledge is too vast for any one doctor to know it all.
And when you are a doctor or a medical scientist this is the work you want to do.
These blots usually indicate that a full physical checkup with a medical doctor may be wise.
My personal medical information is between me and my doctor.
In fact, the kindly doctor was a medical revolutionary.
The doctor says my structural pessimism is getting better.
She is visiting the doctor because of several symptoms.
The doctor in this article is the epitome of ignorant pride.
Fortunately, the nation's top diamond doctor makes house calls.
If you fall into the group for higher sodium-sensitivity or are concerned about your blood pressure, talk to your doctor.
One newspaper quoted a doctor who had had a single gift in the last year, and that came from a fellow doctor.
The eye doctor said it to me first, that without the eye you could never navigate through your day.
Illnesses are handled by a crew member serving as the ship's doctor.
His doctor kept ignoring our concerns about his lack of weight gain and told us to be happy he wasn't overweight.
As if on cue, a local doctor complained theatrically about the necessity of drinking warm wine.
As technology makes it easier to doctor photos, detecting them gets harder.
Only the fact that you eat a lot of it is worth mentioning to your doctor when he makes a diagnosis.
Developing countries are already using mobile phones to put a doctor into patients' pockets.
On the positive side, patients can nearly always see a doctor within a day.
Used to be that sick kids got lollypops after a visit with the doctor.
Sometimes, it's time for a doctor to become the patient.
Be aware that it is not your doctor that makes the call on whether or not you are disabled.
They raced to another a nearby clinic for a second opinion from another doctor.
The original lists dozens of measurements, potentially too many for even a doctor to comprehend.
Meanwhile, my dad who is a doctor thought it might be scabies.
My doctor let it be known that his patient was a writer who could tell the world about the town's tourism potential.
The doctor uses that information to make immediate decisions.
If somebody has a problem, they can see the doctor in the clinic that day.
In general, both books succeed in being as engaging to the layman as to the practising or studying doctor.
While she was unconscious, a startled doctor unveiled her bound breasts.
Our grandmothers used to pick a doctor via referrals from another doctor, or by word of mouth.
The town knows that it's next to impossible to attract another full-time doctor.
The doctor performed vivi-section on my great uncle's arms without anesthesia.
Practice good hygiene and call a doctor or nurse if you have questions.
Usually, it is only when their knees become painful that people go to see a doctor and osteoarthritis is diagnosed.
Many frivolous claims come from patients seeking retribution for a doctor sending delinquent unpaid bills to collections.
To give an example, tell students to think back to a visit to the doctor and some of the tests performed.
If you're on medication, check with your doctor before sun bathing in moderation.
But too much iodine is not healthy, so always consult with your doctor before embarking on any new health or diet regimen.
Hide not the truth from your confessor, your doctor or your lawyer.
Aghast, the doctor's friends set about trying to get him released.
Doctor, a couple of my team members want you to turn on the exhaust fan before starting the autopsy.
The doctor limited my activity to help prevent flareups.
First, he convinced a new doctor to prescribe him tetracycline, the preferred treatment.
Healthy living doesn't happen at the doctor's office.
He was one of eight kids, but his father was a doctor, and their burgers were the size of hockey pucks.
It is reported that the patient asked the doctor to put her out of her misery.
One's doctor should take special precaution to rule out these more serious conditions before arriving at a diagnosis of an ulcer.
Every adult should ask their doctor if they should be on an aspirin a day.
Your density information is usually included in the official report from your mammogram, so ask your doctor.
She dismissed his concerns, as did the doctor used by the boardinghouse.
And some veterinary acupuncturists have even revived the traditional doctor's house call.
Usually the patient gives a sample one day and then has to return another day to see the doctor and discuss the results.
And perhaps they should, given the role that positive expectations and the doctor-patient relationship plays in healing.
The doctor says that those bugs carry onchocerciasis, or river blindness.
When a typical patient goes to the doctor, he has no idea what anything costs.
It would be ironic if the master spin-doctor's reward ended up destroying his own reputation.
It is also because few patients know enough medicine to challenge the advice of a doctor.
One moment you're depressed because your doctor tells you that you have alcoholism.
She goes to her doctor, but he can't tell her what's wrong.
She kept looking for a doctor who would tell her, unequivocally, that her symptoms could not possibly indicate a fatal sickness.
If it failed, the next recourse would be surgery, which the doctor dreaded because of its high risk of mortality.
The doctor hears your story and prescribes an antidepressant.
Each panel consists of three members-usually a lawyer or a judge, a doctor, and a psychologist or a social worker.
Presently he informed us that he was a ship's doctor.
With no pediatric surgeon on staff, his doctor faces a difficult decision.
She now sits in a wheelchair while a doctor in a crisp cream-colored suit bends over her, asking questions.
If a doctor's advice seems questionable we're advised to get a second opinion and change to a different doctor.
When you are sitting in the doctor's office and being told that you have cancer, time really does stop.
But remember, he couldn't tell the doctor why he wasn't sleeping.
Extremely well-informed people also get in touch to insist that there is really only one doctor, or only one clinic.
For an additional fee, they can gain access to an on-site doctor's office and pharmacy, too.
With computers, speech recognition software has automated the work of turning a doctor's spoken words into text.
It's a routine that anyone who's been hospitalized will be familiar: the doctor rounds.
If your doctor thinks you have an ulcer, you may have to swallow a special camera called an endoscope to find out for sure.
Currently, the only way for patients with glaucoma to keep tabs on the disease is to go to the doctor's office.
Imagine being treated for cancer with a couple of visits to your doctor.
Waiting months to see a doctor is pretty much the norm.
Resources are available to help you find a doctor who specializes in cancer care.
Waiting in your doctor's office can make you feel nervous, impatient, or even scared.
Talk to your doctor about the risk factors for diabetes.
After you meet with your doctor, you will need to follow his or her instructions to keep your health on track.
Going to the doctor can be stressful, especially if you are sick or worried.
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