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Example sentences for DEW

Gnats were thought to be formed out of spots of dew on leaves.
Beads of dew cling to the florets that spiral inside a sunflower head.
The morning dew glistens off her abdomen, four eyes catching the sunrise to the east.
For humidity, it is actually the dew point that is of interest.
He was in no hurry to go anywhere with the dew still heavy in the air.
So it's plausible that lotus leaves take advantage of natural vibrations to retain their water repellency after dew forms on them.
One more drop of dew and this movie would have drowned.
Condensing the ammonia-water vapor is achieved by changing the mixture's dew point.
The best time to trim is after a rain or in the early morning when the plants are damp with dew.
Consolingly, there were honey-dew melons, soft-shell crabs and prime roasts of beef.
Wake up early before dawn, and harvest dew on leaves from condensation.
There will be dew-catchers, rainwater harvesting and electronic sensors to raise the alarm in case of leaky pipes.
Dew on the knuckle those familiar verbal tones and inflections take on a charged resonance missing from workaday locutions.
In this hour before sunrise, when the night dew was still wet, the warmth and animal smell felt good.
My grandfather's grave turned into the light, and the dew on his weedy little mortality patch was glorious.
They have never seen a rose-bush nor a dew-drop in the sun.
Gather flowers after the morning dew has evaporated off of them.
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