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It means being openly optimistic and spiritual in times when the cruelest cynicism is admired.
Anger, cynicism and name-calling won't make extreme weather and global warming go away.
Cynics might note that the only accomplishment was an agreement to talk some more, and their cynicism may yet be confirmed.
The trait that astounded and confounded cynicism was his apparent unselfishness.
Such people need to rethink their cynicism because it distorts their thinking.
The cynicism definitely lingers but it leads nowhere in particular or perhaps to the retelling of old dreams and fantasies.
But others in academe greeted the news with a certain amount of cynicism, or even outright suspicion.
Consequently there's a high rate of burn out and certainly a deep level of cynicism.
Were the press any other industry, cynicism about its self-interest in promoting marginal challengers would prevail.
In politics-especially right now, with the election a day away-cynicism is easy.
Its efforts cry out for verification, but not cynicism.
So long has the list of possible carcinogens become that a certain cynicism has set in.
There's a lack of the cynicism that is so pervasive in my generation.
Those who are now suffocating in cynicism and despair will be able to breathe freely.
Arrest warrants look pretty flimsy when set against ruthless cynicism of this depth and intensity.
He doesn't have the ambivalence, or the cynicism, that comes with postmodern thinking.
People had far less reason for cynicism about their political leaders than they would later.
Such tactics, in which enemies are everywhere and no one is allowed a noble motive, breed a general cynicism.
It means dealing with three other problems: public insecurity, lack of economic confidence and political cynicism.
Cynicism about the regime's intentions is so entrenched that few observers see this as more than an optical illusion.
Yet one group has escaped from this general cynicism: entrepreneurs.
Ordinary citizens will probably react with a mix of cynicism and amazement.
Aware of the cynicism, she says she will not spend any extra public money on the rebranding campaign.
Such cynicism should not be allowed to prevail, especially in a conflict in which many more lives are at stake.
The whole experience is a welcome antidote to the cynicism that tempts anyone who spends time in or around politics.
Given this history, cynicism about the idea of eradication is understandable.
To that extent, he is to blame for the cynicism his freedom talk now engenders.
Lewis's criticism is well taken, but misses the depth of the cynicism underlying the veto.
Still, my cynicism has been dulled by my excursions into history.
So a new cynicism greets the president on his bus tour through the heartland.
Egyptians are now paying the price for this cynicism.
It brought a new cynicism in to us that we've lived with ever since.
In the way that a lawful evil dictatorship will always be preferable to a chaotic evil anarchy, cynicism gives us bright lines.
For a broker-dealer, honestly is certainly important, but a little more cynicism might present on the part of clients.
For ten years the nation has been sick with debt, cynicism, and inefficiency.
They are given the opportunity to shed cynicism, develop self-esteem, and grow back into innocence and vulnerability.
So the hypocrisy of this knows no bounds and the cynicism also knows no bounds.
Right now there's so much cynicism about politics that ordinary people don't bother to vote.
My cynicism had peaked, but later that summer something happened that changed me-not instantly but decisively.
He regarded public applause with increasing cynicism.
Cheap, easy victories based on untruth and fear and cynicism are pyrrhic ones.
The legacy of such failures is the bored cynicism about government that has been a hallmark of the past decade.
It also evokes the materialism, cynicism, and narrow nationalism of the current day.
He won renown for his cynicism in a few lines of verse that tell how he flees the battlefield after he throws away his shield.
It is also a land where cynicism about politics and contempt for politicians abound.
His grand intellectual ambitions fritter out in sterility and cynicism.
If the fund's performance were to generate cynicism, it could undermine similar efforts in other areas.
Natural talent could be eroded by cynicism and self-doubt.
As in each of the other halls of fame, big and small, there's no evidence of cynicism here.
Action is the antidote to apathy and cynicism and despair.
And eventually it is family that aids in rescuing him from defeated cynicism.
Still, underneath the party atmosphere lurked a melancholy that even tended toward cynicism at times.
The show is praised, and rightly, for dealing with politics without easy and useless cynicism.
Unlike their contemporary counterparts, revolutionary artists painted without cynicism and with plenty of socialist ardor.
They must reform the unethical business practices that breed cynicism and distrust in communities.
Many of his lesser-known works contained a wry cynicism and dry, semi-cantankerous manner.
We didn't give in to mistrust or to cynicism or to fear.
We pledge to challenge cynicism, and to serve over our lifetimes to secure a brighter future for all.

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