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The other members of the group have become cult celebrities, too.
If the cult of this sound continues long enough, it may in time come to be a natural and established sound in the language.
The cult of the chief executive has reached absurd proportions.
But more than two years on, much has changed, notably the personality cult surrounding the former president.
Around the world, freemasonry has been seen as a subversive cult, and has aroused the suspicion of rulers.
In tandem with romantic marriage, the cult of childhood also flourished.
Early on the band released a series of self-produced recordings that helped them build a cult following.
Straightedge is not a cult, it's not a current trend, its not anything negative.
Ever since, modern art has resembled a doomsday cult on the day after the deadline for the end of the world.
He was then still something of a cult taste in this country, and only a few of his major works had been recorded.
Help advertisers find their way to audiences, not shows-and support cult favorite series, while you're at it.
They hated each other, but each had their own small cult of personality.
Objectivism is essentially a cult, and have no place among freethinkers.
If you haven't heard of cargo cult, let me summarize super quick.
All of which explains why the cult of transparency has so many high tech converts these days.
When you run a cult pizza place, you get used to all kinds of weird behavior.
The question smacks of an almost cargo-cult mentality.
These corrupted generation have extracted a lot of earthly by defending the cult activity of the syndicate.
Discusses the public cult of celebrity in which humanity is less significant than its image.
His books have never attracted more than a cult audience.
He is not known to the public, but he is something of a cult figure among architects.
In your book, there's a cult of silence around the disease.
If you are interested in getting in on the ground floor of my cult development, let me know.
We set about getting others to read it too, and for a while had a micro-cult going.
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