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Example sentences for Crutch

To use that mystical, totally unsupported belief as a means of dealing with life's problems is a crutch.
But hold that racism card close at hand because you'll flash it as your usual crutch and dodge from accountability.
They are not a permanent crutch that perpetuates an inherently uneconomic activity, but a temporary measure.
All it says to them is that you and the likes of you believe that they need a crutch to compete.
She had a bladder problem that left her incontinent, and she had to walk with a crutch because she had a weak leg.
Maybe when you go home that night you skip the brownie or cookies you've been using as an emotional crutch.
Government is supposed to be a crutch for the private sector, but it's becoming a hurdle for national employment.
Or, more generously, as an affliction or a disability or a crutch.
And those who are favoured by history can deplore injustice and sympathise with suffering without the crutch of national pride.
They say payday lenders are predatory, financially knee-capping their customers without providing a crutch.
Intended as a temporary fix, these duties soon became a long-term crutch for politically touchy commodities, such as sugar.
The nuclear industry needs to persuade people that it is clean, cheap and safe enough to rely on without a government crutch.
In a country overrun by drugged, traumatised gunmen, every crutch helps.
It creates jobs and provides a useful focus of activity for those who are too weak to stand without a crutch.
There are no groups dedicated for taking care of white people because they dont need a crutch to stand on their own.
To use children as the crutch of the whole matter is sick and totally irresponsible.
When a player is out on the course, his caddie is his only crutch.
Since every coach could use injury as a crutch, none of them do.
More people than you think rely on this technological crutch.
Crutch handle design: effect on palmar loads during ambulation.
Rather, the dimension is designed to provide space for the crutch-tip-to-crutch-tip distance of a typical crutch user.
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