Creek in a sentence

Example sentences for Creek

Our boatman veered off into a small creek, navigating low, coffee-colored waters choked with water hyacinth.
Eventually, the area between them would be a reflecting pond, filled with creek water.
The new name, which takes effect immediately, refers to the building's proximity to a creek that runs through the campus.
By court order two dams along the creek were removed earlier this year.
The latest addition to its list of goodies is a hydrotherapy tub stimulating the feeling of lying in a gentle creek.
They scouted out a small creek flowing down a steep hill, and dammed it.
And it has landed us up the creek without a paddle.
Swamps and creek bottoms, wet meadows, and moist forests.
The paths are permeable except in flood-prone sections, where they're mortared to stay put when the creek rises.
He and his schoolmates built a small dam on the nearby creek and added a waterwheel.
Nearly one-third of the land around the creek is buried under urban concrete, asphalt and buildings.
The first settlement was a jumble of canvas tents, clapboard shops and saloons clustered near a muddy creek.
Next you're off to explore the rain forest, where you take a dip in a creek and climb a tower into the canopy.
Where once there was a dry creek bed, now there are reservoirs.
Now, presumably, broadcasters are on notice that they will be up s-word creek if they use the term in the future.
If you don't abide by the latest policies, you might find yourself up a creek without a paddle.
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