Cowardly in a sentence

Example sentences for Cowardly

It had stopped, the cowardly shooters looking for their quarry in the bushes below.
Too bad the government is too cowardly to prosecute the guilty millionaires, clerics and corporations.
Even now as it is coming out that he may have expired due to a seizure, they are too cowardly to connect the dots.
What a cowardly belief to wager gods existence and your own eternal salvation based upon mathematical reasoning.
Getting a doctorate was the easy, rather cowardly way out for me, and that's the truth.
Your cowardly anonymity blights your comment further.
In other words, anonymity is more calming and less risky-or even more cowardly-than named criticism.
Being immoral and cowardly does not mean one cannot be a great philosopher.
So it may certainly be rational, rather than cowardly to choose to not interview.
It is anonymous political aids and writers, who now cowardly refuse to own their words.
Your cowardly abdication of responsibility by pleading that you are not an economist is unacceptable.
Sometimes divorce is the brave and not the cowardly option.
She had stayed with him, she knew, out of a kind of recklessness that was also cowardly.
Cuteness got its start as a cowardly form of resistance, a velvet rebellion led by smiley-face emoticons.
Spotted hyenas are sometimes portrayed as cowardly scavengers, always laughing, always up to some kind of mischief.
These shenanigans, by some cowardly systems administrators, are not conducive towards free thought and the expression of ideas.
Of course you have made that quite impossible haven't you with your cowardly anonymity.
Not voting is only cowardly if it's accompanied by a lack of action.
It's entirely one-sided and self-serving, dishonest and cowardly.
The cowardly dog barks more violently than it bites.
He can impose again only on those who are more cowardly than himself.
The accountable and transparent branches of government have ranged from ineffective and cowardly to disastrous.
The technology is good, but its intended uses are cowardly, dangerous and misanthropic.
What they really need is to be punished for their cynical, cowardly actions.
Unfortunately, they have been too cowardly to make the case publicly for a different system until now.
Cowardly over structural reforms, the negotiators were debonair when it came to cutting taxes.
That's the only way those cowardly, murdering arabs understand.
Weak and cowardly people do not risk their lives running to freedom.
It was a cowardly decision made by a cowardly jury, and they will have to live with that cowardice until the day they die.
It means being neither reckless nor cowardly but facing up to our duties and responsibilities.
These cowardly acts are outrageous and will not be tolerated.
We can not allow this cowardly act to bring fear to our streets.
The cowardly act of an arsonist places heroic firefighters and first responders at risk of losing their lives.
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