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Continental previews new jets at trade convention.
Until then it's about as relevant as my disagreement with continental drift would be.
Continental crust is less dense and thicker than the surface of the deep ocean.
Culprits that could have altered the climate and oceans in a deadly way include sustained volcanism and continental drift.
Some start as a continental shelf, a flat piece of land located below sea level.
Mountains are formed when two continental plates smash together, thrusting the crust upward.
Foreign-born diseases sometimes impact island communities more strongly than they impact continental lands.
Activate the buttons at the top right to map continental characteristics.
Melting ice could slide off continental shelves and into the ocean faster than it's replaced by fresh snowfall.
The farther inland you live, the stronger this continental influence.
Not everyone was impressed by the nation's eagerness to copy continental fashions.
Thirteen works of seven continental authors spanning three centuries.
We could move inland off the coasts and help relocate a relatively few tropical islanders to continental higher ground.
Possibly even collaborate between continental boarders making new friendships and research partners.
If the entire continent cuts at the same time, the result will be a continental recession.
They talk about what's there: continental crusts, continental dynamics, and so forth.
Perhaps continental polities are subject to different dynamics.
As the continental plates move past each other, friction allows the pressure to build up.
The high gas concentration is thought to be because of the enormous weight and pressure of the continental ice cap.
Yet this old model is coming under pressure: consolidation of a sort is taking place at a regional or continental level.
But after two decades of drinking strong, continental-style lagers, their beer is weakening.
Rainforests are an important prop to continental water-cycles.
The transition from land to sea begins at the continental shelf, a gently sloping, submerged extension of the continent.
Treacherous shoals and reefs can be found along the continental shelf.
Something different happens when an ocean plate collides with a continental plate.
Some continued south as the continental glaciers melted.
Continental customers can clear security at the heliport.
The physics involved in moving that much water through multiple phase changes and over continental distances are immense.
The car sports an original continental kit on the rear and a spectacular flying lady hood ornament.

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Continental people have sex lives; the English have hot-water bottles.... more
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