Conjugal in a sentence

Example sentences for Conjugal

The prison has set aside a private space for conjugal visits.
Next thing you know, these killjoys will be trying to take away conjugal visits.
Conjugal bliss has oft been shattered in a single set of mixed doubles or a single round of golf.
The world is not awash in conjugal shows, but they are no longer looked at askance.
There was a gymnasium, a prayer room, a room for conjugal visits.
One such father, an ex-deputy mayor, describes the system as a conjugal version of the prisoner's dilemma.
Rewards for those who behave include telephone privileges, points toward sentence reduction and overnight conjugal visits.
They turn a soulmate into a dupe, a friend into a jailer, conjugal pleasure into conjugal duty.
For instance, prisoners are allowed conjugal visits-provided that one of the parties has been sterilized.
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