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Here they oppose us, and complain that this certainty of confidence is chargeable with arrogance and presumption.
The move followed a no-confidence vote by faculty members.
Both work under the lurking threat of removal, whether by a no-confidence vote or a whacking.
The protests featured a no-confidence vote and a sit-in.
Nominations and applications will be held in confidence.
However, despite investor confidence, an important obstacle confronts everyone in this arena.
So now, armed with self-confidence and a sparkling résumé, you're ready to make the leap.
Inquiries, nominations, and applications will be treated in confidence.
And it means that some students have a mistaken sense of confidence in the depth of their learning.
All inquiries and applications will be held in strictest confidence.
It certainly paid to have lecture experience and confidence with public speaking.
Please include the names of three scholars who would consent to write to us in confidence about your qualifications if contacted.
Nominations and expressions of interest will be treated in confidence.
Nominations and applications will be handled in strict confidence.
Applications, nominations and expressions of interest will be held in confidence.
If you act confident in your abilities, students will have confidence in your abilities.
Others have argued that he gradually lost confidence.
My confidence is high and that is what allows me to juggle all these responsibilities.
The problem of taboo is presented more exhaustively, and the effort to solve it is approached with perfect confidence.
She seemed in no hurry to have them come, for her patience was equalled by her confidence.
We go forward with complete confidence in the eventual triumph of freedom.
And although he had the confidence to deny the administration, he had not the power to deny the nature.
His confidence in the power and performance of his nation makes him provokingly incurious about other nations.
It is also useless to lean with any confidence upon chronology.
And you fancy, perhaps, that the treaty that has been made by you affords some round of confidence.
We may thus state with confidence the general outlines of ballad progress.
And scientists had great confidence in thalidomide's safety.
Everybody knew that whatever boost in performance, confidence or air time he gained from his costly sneakers was purely imaginary.
Her expression radiates confidence and power, and her smooth skin is well scrubbed and dotted with freckles.
Then, as their confidence grew, they willingly voided their warranty or user agreement.
Carry and store your photography gear with confidence with our camera accessories, gear, and bags.
The practice gave them confidence that the spacecraft's systems would perform as planned for the docking.
Stick to basic phrases, but learn them well enough to use them with confidence.
Every example of our work guides the navigator in confidence and is designed to excel far beyond a conventional map.
They gain confidence in you and get into the process.
They had daunting technical ability and confidence, and a deep knowledge of tradition.
Ground truth gives scientists the confidence to interpret wide stretches of geography seen from afar.
He approached hesitantly, gaining confidence with each step.
Pine, who is head of his troupe, conveys a kind of regal confidence.
They were also given techniques to build their self-esteem and to increase the confidence they had in their bodies.
Modeling the use of maps in and out of school can help students to recognize the value of maps and gain confidence with them.
If possible, check out your annual water-quality report-also called a consumer-confidence report-from your water supplier.
But the point of the federal funds and vote of confidence is to spur more private investment in the needed research.
She lost that first race, but gained the confidence that she needed to compete.
Lack of confidence in the police and government is widespread.
It seems the answer is yes, but success depends on the competency and confidence of the individuals involved.
But perhaps more importantly, the leak shook the public's confidence in the technology.
The consequences of such breaches in confidence can be disastrous, and not only for a relationship.
Patients should always have confidence in their access to the drugs they need.
If you see clustering, you gain confidence in a particular scenario because the models all seem to agree.
Nevertheless the erroneous paper continues to undermine public confidence in vaccines.
If one has confidence issues due to failure, it's time to look inside rather than out for one's confidence.
They also rated their own sense of self-confidence on the date.
As each recall is issued, consumer confidence in food safety diminishes.
Last month, consumer confidence plunged, and pundits are still talking about the possibility of a double-dip recession.
His variations burn with infallible confidence and precision, and he can afford to hold much of his technique in reserve.
He is self-conscious about how easily he inspires confidence.
Consumer sentiment surveys all agreed that confidence was falling.
They stride through life with a confidence built on an amazing overestimation of their own abilities.
He knows that success depends largely on the confidence which they have in his truthfulness.
But confidence in yourself is not the same as confidence in your country.
Soft-bodied and half-bald, he still oozed confidence.
It makes people happy to live in the neighborhood, and it also brings confidence.
Their ambitious plan reflected a confidence in the longevity of the empire that was both unrealistic and fast-fading.
Given those results, it isn't surprising that consumer confidence also improved.
The main reason for confidence is, simply, geography.
Touching, working with, and often picking ingredients in the garden gives students a new confidence.
The narrow reforms mooted at the dawn of the twenty-first seem unlikely to restore that confidence.
Such a regime would also crimp the demand for dollars at a time when confidence in the currency is fragile.
It marked the trade diplomats' surrender to the confidence trick on which the system is founded.
First, the subject of discussion was the wobble in confidence that has taken place over the past year.
Consumer spending seems stifled by lack of confidence in the future.
And that is what is going on with the euro, where a stress on demanding austerity has eclipsed the need to boost confidence.
From this standpoint, the confidence of central bankers in their ability to forecast is quite astonishing.
The indirect effect, through confidence, could be disproportionately large.
Amid rising confidence, they will be tempted to pat themselves on the back.
It may do little good, especially coming from a government that does not inspire confidence.
Spending money that the countries couldn't afford to stimulate output did nothing to inspire confidence.
No wonder business confidence is flagging and companies are pulling in their horns.
And if buoyant share prices are any indication, the public seems to have plenty of confidence in the markets.
He draws support from the financial markets, whose confidence has helped keep debt and inflation under control.
Palfrey would fit right in at a greyhound track, with his swept-back hair and confidence-winning eyes.
It must race through its databases, find relevant search terms, and pick out the right response with a high level of confidence.
There are aspects of a theory that you can go out and look for and confirm, and that's another way to gain confidence in it.
The amount of money would have given you a sense of the individual's confidence in their proposition.
There's a developing scientific field designed to address such difficult questions with a new degree of confidence and accuracy.
The step is being viewed as yet another official vote of confidence in the safety of genetically engineered food products.
Then someone a little later will stride with cybernetic confidence.
Many of these teachers might have great confidence in their students' ability to learn by exploration.
We're not talking about surgery here, we're talking about low-confidence health risks and possible drug interactions.
So nasty, mean gym teachers don't have to destroy our self-esteem, our confidence.
In light of the history of modern art, his confidence was justified.
They learn a sense of self-confidence and self-motivation, and it stays with them into their adult lives.
Yet as an adult he crossed the mountainsides with complete confidence, as though nothing had ever happened.
Even today, confidence artists continue to work their scams with great success.
For one thing, the data upon which their conclusion rested were held in confidence by the oil company.
Of course they bring confidence, but they're mature enough not to be offensive.
He gave us confidence that the country loved us too.
But the full toll will be harder to measure, because it will include the loss of customer confidence in the company.
Those things do not build self-esteem or confidence.
One of many reasons is the lack of confidence in the leadership, the constant state of reorganization.
Coincidence, or rather the ability to determine coincidence with sufficient confidence.
They don't need to buy goodwill, or build customer confidence.
The sharing indicates a pride of accomplishment and a new level of confidence.
What sustained the traditional idea of privacy was confidence that some information was private because it was never recorded.
On the other hand, his use of generalized stereotypes does not inspire confidence.
Faltering sales will undermine the confidence of businesses far more than fiscal consolidation will embolden them.
Presumably the commission either does not in fact exist, or it consists of people whose objectivity would not inspire confidence.
It is therefore perhaps understandable that a more robust sense of cultural and political self-confidence has remained elusive.
Success with one can build trust and create confidence needed for progress on the others.
Her confidence in her new people had been shaken, as had her confidence in herself.
But the note's lack of candor does not inspire confidence.
His investment convictions spring from an unflappable confidence in his ability to spot emerging secular trends.
But building restored confidence on real estate would be foolish.
Teaching is about building confidence, about making people feel better about what they do and who they are.
The administration talked about confidence building, but what it delivered was actually a confidence trick.
They also felt enough confidence to unbutton and reproduce.
The skills, the looks, the winking confidence are all there.
He's confused and he's confusing, and yet, he has to project this sort of ultimate confidence.
He was strong and solid, and he had total confidence in the veracity of his case.
Now he simply put his head down and worked quietly to win the confidence of the members.
Now, in the weeks following the signing of her new contract, her confidence in him evaporated.
But it meant that he had to have absolute confidence in himself.
You'll gain status and confidence, and maybe a lot more money.
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