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Though they're usually called djs, these acts typically use computers and play their own music.
In those days, computers were still operated with perforated cards, and the general public knew little about them.
Unfortunately, the expensive computers were a commercial flop.
Cell phones are compact computers, and there are much better things to do with them.
We all had our computers and satellite phones and were trying to figure out a way to power everything with one car battery.
Computers are hardly the only electronic hardware hounded by obsolescence.
Thanks mainly to keener instruments and more powerful computers, forecasters are extending their reach into the uncertain future.
Few people imagined that computers would become as widespread as they are today.
If your computers have speakers, have students listen to some humpback songs.
But as computers become smaller and more powerful, they are pushing down the cost of genetic sequencing.
Satellite images allow meteorologists to track weather patterns in real time and powerful computers model its probable course.
Gone are the posters and graphics accenting the company's sleek personal computers.
The network of computers answering your query pays attention to which results you choose to read.
Now, however, new developments mean that optical technologies are starting to appear inside computers.
Computers, however, cannot make such interpretations.
It is also strong in handheld computers and some other consumer electronics items, such as digital cameras.
At first sight, doing away with paper and letting computers register votes seems an attractive proposition.
Fixed-line web pages will not fit on to phones or handheld computers.
One of them is the fast-growing market for smart phones and other handheld devices, such as tablet computers.
Its high-powered computers are programmed to profit from split-second price distortions.
Computers that run on chips made from tiny magnets may be as energy-efficient as physics permits.
The idea of featuring computers and computer networks would come later.
Protocols are communication standards that allow computers to speak to one another over a network.
For example, computers can be equipped with thermometers.
Futurists and science-fiction writers speculate about a time when brain activity will merge with computers.
Companies marketing their products and services are going green, whether they're selling cars, computers or televisions.
Computers and robots could be reduced to extraordinarily small sizes.
Appliances and computers arrive as after-the-fact intrusions.
Computers can pick out with quite high certainty the demographics of people based on their writing styles.
Signals channeled directly from the brain can already control computers and other machines.
Humans retain an edge over computers when complex problems require intuition and leaps of insight rather than brute calculation.
Reporters grew infatuated with the idea of a tiny piece of software knocking out big mainframe computers worldwide.
The ability to bring light to an utter standstill could find ample use in quantum computers.
We burn a lot of coal to run the computers that hold your music.
But that doesn't mean you should give up on desktop computers.
Purchases exempt from sales taxes during these periods typically include computers, clothes and school supplies.
But you've got to spend money on equipment, computers, furniture and vehicles.
When a problem is too complex for one computer to solve it in a timely manner, pieces are delved out among many computers.
It is sort of a master computer that connects other computers.
Before you select your computers, think through your software needs.
Your choice of computers can largely be driven by your software needs.
Drivers are small programs that help computers communicate with peripherals.
It all depends on what you actually mean by teaching computers online.
Despite their comfort with computers, professors and students struggled to adapt, officials say.
The room in which the computers were kept lacked all signs of diurnal rhythm.
It infiltrated millions of computers around the globe.
We've all read articles about computers stealing jobs.
About machines that translate, written when computers were new.
It is not the effect of computers and data processing on decision-making, policymaking, or strategy.
New satellites will make information accessible on personal computers within hours.
Many of us early workers in computers were philosophy majors.
It's easy to imagine computers taking over more tasks handled now by low-level office workers or receptionists.
More and more, they key them in with mobile phones or at computers.
Most computers are capable of multiple screen resolutions.
But these people have figured out something important: an easy way to keep files synchronized among a bunch of computers.
Naturally, the legions glued to their computers wanted to share the news.
For ideas, you don't need computers or any of that business.
The co-op has seven full-time employees and four computers.
The occupants sit at their desks hooked up to computers.
As computers get smaller, keeping them cool has become a major problem-until now.
As a result, information was no longer confined to individual computers.
Researchers are finding better ways for our neurons to talk directly to our computers.
In the last five years or so, computers have gotten so powerful that it has become possible to shift methods.
But for whatever reason, in many cases the computers running the control software are in fact networked.
My cheap wrist watch has more power than the first computers, only afforded by universities.
In the quantum world, entanglement is a necessary step for the super-fast quantum computers of the future.
Imagine computers orders of magnitude more powerful and far cheaper than today's machines.
Taking control of computers with our hands and bodies is set to become commonplace.
HP is testing a display that could appear in future color e-readers and tablet computers.
Now a few at the vanguard are tapping the musical potential of networked laptop computers.
Computers threaten to widen the gap between the rich and poor.
Most electronic devices, such as cell phones and computers, use microchips that are made from silicon.
Thousands of hours are wasted every year waiting for computers to boot up.
To be sure, manufacturers and researchers have been exploring piecemeal ways to make portable computers more energy efficient.
The market is shifting away from desktop and laptop computers toward increasingly powerful smart phones and tablet computers.
The notion of using brain activity to interact with computers isn't new.
It's an important proof of principle for using computers to aid materials design.
The phones give dial tones, and the computers are real computers, not plastic mockups.
No, not anything to do with computers but rather minimally or unconstructed sport coats.
The guy who walks in and everyone looks up from their computers.
Donating computers to those who need them is a win-win opportunity.
Computer support specialists help people use computers.
The weapons of corporate crime are calculators, computers, and cover-ups.
Computers cannot do housekeeping, but many programs can put.
Most folks who buy computers are neither bozos nor cultists.

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