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File sharing was originally intended to help people move data across computer networks.
Actual data will only continue to match the computer models anyhow.
Backing up computer files is always good advice but it is especially important to those writing dissertations.
He communicated what he wanted to say by moving his pupils and blinking to indicate which letter to choose from a computer tablet.
He scanned the negatives into a computer, and sometimes digitally removed people, heightening the feeling of isolation.
The major hook for the new app is a wealth of computer-animated dinosaurs.
It would be far cheaper to do it all by computer, but that's not what our clients want.
Both episodes intersperse commentary from paleontologists with computer-generated restorations of the dinosaurs.
What it was, as the world found out yesterday, was a new touch-screen computer.
These were the daughters of computer programmers and people with graduate degrees.
If he was sitting at the computer, he would have his back to the window and the road.
Ling is interested in surgical techniques that involve implanting electrodes or computer chips underneath the skin.
Many hedge-fund managers stay pinned to their computer screens day and night monitoring movements in the markets.
The terminals have been infected by a computer virus, turning them into zombies.
Time-capsule message from the dawn of the computer age.
Simpler machines that turn computer code rather than text into speech are of course commonplace by now.
The same songs spin endlessly, often programmed by computer in some distant city and sent via satellite to local transmitters.
It pays every four minutes, in a computer lab, to volunteers in economic experiments.
Successful candidates will possess excellent organizational skills, computer skills, and the ability to work independently.
He creates his images on the computer, building them out of restrained, meticulous shapes and lines.
He's a great source of help for me, because he's my computer.
Computer chips embedded in packaging will activate hidden features.
But companies cannot live by computer engineers alone.
They involve the lost-time overhead a computer imposes on you while you wait for it to work.
Plus, the technique lends itself to a computer programmer's mind and a food distributor's logistical demands.
Fallows was one of the first writers to incorporate a personal computer into his life.
So it has become convenient for those to use who don't want to watch a movie on their computer screen.
But it might be a good enough illusion for computer scientists to exploit.
Much of modern software-computer programs and the special programming languages in which they are written-originated there too.
So a bigger, bulkier battery may not be necessary either, unless you want to use the computer untethered for long periods.
In these a computer is overwhelmed with bogus requests for a response sent from infected computers.
But you, dear reader, are indulging right now in activity that is equally as polluting as air travel: using a computer.
Yet its computer makers have done little to foster independent software businesses.
To command a computer, he wears a cap that is covered with an array of electrodes.
If the computer is connected to a wireless access point or router, the settings on those devices should be checked as well.
And in our cognitive program, we're looking at having a computer learn you so you don't have to learn the computer.
In the time it takes your computer to boot up, you can probably make some toast or a cup of tea before the thing is ready to use.
In the standard story, the computer's evolution has been brisk and short.
For years, the human brain has been compared to a computer-but it is a computer without a wiring diagram.
Excessive television or computer use may indicate psychological problems.
Or the computer could send signals to a robotic arm if a natural arm were missing or to a robot arm mounted on a chair.
Web casts to pipe moon's shadow onto your computer screen.
Computer power is a primary bottleneck to creating robots that can speak and emote.
The high-tech device enables the patient to communicate his thoughts to a computer, which translates them into spoken words.
The challenge of shrinking the computer comes down to the technology to shrink the materials.
His first post detailed why it's a good idea to calibrate your computer monitor regularly.
Other times, cyber attackers use social-engineering tactics that fool computer users into surrendering important information.
Lying in a landfill, a desktop computer can take a toll on public health.
For amputees suffering from phantom pain, a computer-generated cure might soon be at hand.
These are tricky pics because of photo manipulation, which combines and alters images using a computer.
Commit to turning off your computer before bed each night and before you go out for the day.
Long-extinct predators come to life through stunning computer graphics.
E-paper is basically a computer monitor so thin it could be rolled up and put in a pocket.
Some scientists have had a grander vision of the importance of the computer.
Finally, software worthy of your computer's footprint.
Creating shells out of nothing but mathematical equations, a computer scientist holds a mirror up to nature.
The computer monitor is face down and unplugged on the desk.
In theory, he realized, you should be able to make large-scale television screens or computer monitors only a few inches thick.
These rockets and crew capsules so far exist only as small models, crude foam mock-ups, and computer-graphics files.
Using a computer, he began sampling lunar orbits, searching for the place where the instability and chaos began.
Soon, matching subjects were seeing banner ads on their computer screens urging them to give the senator their signatures.
Mainly for those people who aren't able to work a computer, literally.
She had been on her computer an hour before taking her own life.
He says he frequently falls asleep at his computer and dreams about work.
Postproduction work on the pictures is done in a design room that has several computer stations.
When he came back, his cell phone and computer had been stolen.
He hung around the school and sent her e-mails on the school computer.
One worked for an airline and another for a computer company.
Today, however, the goal is to steal information or take control of a computer without tipping off users.
Interconnected computer systems provide openings for attackers.
Some snow flakes shapes are so complex that no computer model has ever been able to generate them.
Computer criminals may have a new target: the office printer.
Adding more cores to a computer makes it faster, but it also makes it tricky to program.
The words are guaranteed to bring a groan from computer users.
Most brain-computer interfaces are designed to help disabled people communicate or move around.
Some are working to improve communication between nearby computer chips or along the optical network.
And a computer scientist has now developed an algorithm that can defeat even the latest photograph-based tests.
Computer game companies use increasingly complicated software to protect against piracy.
He got up on a big stage and held up a new kind of computer.
In high-frequency trading, investors use computer algorithms to exploit small changes in a stock's price.
And chances are the stories don't involve the computer.
It is incredibly inspiring and humbling to see the gobs and gobs of fantastic images flash across my computer screen.
Or you can upload your own photos from your computer.
She wants her own computer and she wants nothing fancy.
These computer files are known as mp3 files, an audio encoding format.
Computer systems are ubiquitous, and society is increasingly dependent on them.
Below is a summary chart of recently prosecuted computer cases.
Computer support specialists help people use computers.
The cutting-edge technology, in-house creations, and variety of projects that are run on different computer clusters.
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