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They're not being communists, but they're not getting healthier.
They are the heirs to fascists, communists and other extremists, who failed.
Shortly afterward, the red star that the communists had placed on the spire of the building was removed.
McCarthy used a certain language to hunt communists.
Only in this city can you find a club where oil billionaires rub elbows with died-in-the-wool communists.
Diehard anti-Communists distrusted him for having served the regime at all.
He could even become premier if, against his declared intentions, he forms a coalition with the ex-communists.
How much economic damage the communists really did is contested.
All the communists were portrayed as noble people and all the capitalists were portrayed as idiots.
The failure of the communists at the polls produced a political crisis.

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Here, for example, are a few of the doctrinal parallels: Instead of God, the Communists believe in history ... more
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