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No committee or group can be held responsible for such a lack of due diligence.
Actually there is a committee of citizens that decides from the tens of thousands of requests what subjects appear on stamps.
Sometimes, the members of the search committee have name tags.
Do not rely on the bulleted items in your vita to articulate to the committee what your credentials are.
And you could tell that the search-committee members really liked you.
Search-committee chairs are busy people, dealing with dozens of applications, many of which are quickly deemed disposable.
Yes, it could get your proposal tossed, depending on the stickiness of the committee members who read the proposals.
And be in a neat room as the committee will be able to see some of your surroundings.
The search committee will accept confidential applications and nominations until the position is filled.
Committee recommends a sequence-based system for identifying pathogens.
But it never got past committee reviews and thus never came up for a vote.
There will be no more laughing in the world unless it's scientifically sanctioned by a special committee.
He has now been exonerated by the parliamentary committee on legal affairs.
The old job of devil's advocate is now, in effect, performed by committee.
It's figuring out how to determine incubation committee membership.
Maclaurin and his building committee began by considering proposals from familiar designers.
Make it illegal to allow the use of chairs in committee meetings.
And because it is creative writing by committee, it hews to the statistical mean, which is to say the mediocre.
There's a whiteboard with the schedule of a dozen or so committee meetings that day.
The decadal survey committee reviewed a wealth of scientifically compelling medium size projects.
Recently, the council's committee on the physics of the universe released that report.
It's a standard reference for anyone who is on a departmental colloquium committee.
Meanwhile he worked with a committee of social scientists to develop a less worrisome experiment.
How about you develop a committee, maybe something with real muscle, say a government committee.
There is a committee that reviews and approves new stamps.
One week a committee reports that there's no substantial reason for a manned space program.
They put you in charge of the committee for suitably naming extra-solar planets after statesmen in friendly foreign countries.
Entering the town, you encounter a welcoming committee of baying dogs.
Goldman's management-committee members all participated in discussions of the various businesses.
Even the chairman of the senate finance committee hid away a police report on the swindle for over seven months.
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