Colossal in a sentence

Example sentences for Colossal

There are no mysteries here, only colossal failures of logic and memory.
What company would absorb the colossal expense of having orders.
The thing was so swift and so colossal that no one seems to have kept any coherent record of it.
Ideally, the entire sky spectrum would be monitored by receivers akin to colossal police radio scanners.
The world of venture capital is rich with tales of colossal payoffs.
Photograph colossal ivory magnolia blossoms on towering trees.
Despite how far the world has come, there's still plenty of opportunity for colossal mistakes.
Organic-produce markets and mini film festivals are all part of the program for this colossal amphitheater.
Modern athletes, fuelled by colossal rewards, can easily be tempted into misbehaviour.
The first sight to greet a visitor to the show is a colossal stone chimera, a hybrid of lion and bird, in the museum lobby.
Given the scale of misery that civil wars cause, even a small reduction in their number would be a colossal blessing.
Worse, by running the printing presses red-hot, his government created a colossal monetary overhang.
Weaning hospitals and doctors off these sources of funds will be a colossal task.
Such a colossal crime can be committed only if you mobilize the darkest dark of the soul.
The film portrays that experiment as a colossal failure, ineptly carried out and steeped in corruption.
The colossal inanity of the concept leaves me confounded for appropriate words.
The enormous scale of the cattle industry creates a colossal amount of by-products.
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