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Coal forms from organic material that decays and experiences pressure and heat for millions of years.
One would think that open-pit coal mining would destroy fossils.
My committee members received lumps of coal from my cats' litter box.
The simplicity reminds me of how little coal mining has progressed.
Mountaintop mining is the controversial practice of excavating coal using explosives to rupture mountaintops.
Prodigious exports of iron ore, coal and other commodities have helped it survive the global downturn without a recession.
His team of experts found that the ship's demise was self- inflicted--likely the result of a coal bunker fire.
Along the back wall, coal hearths fire metal to glowing red-hot and white.
The whole idea of penalizing areas of the country because they burn coal is counter productive.
Stop cutting off their tops to get to the coal and minerals underneath.
The ancient forests were found on top of existing coal seams.
Liquid coal would produce roughly twice the global warming emissions of gasoline.
Back in the day, the first-footer also brought coal for warmth.
Coal and natural gas fire two-thirds of all power production and nearly all transportation uses petroleum.
The coal had spilled into the turret sometime after the ship went down.
Unfortunately, the electricity is cheap because it comes from coal.
And they deliver electricity more cheaply than gas or coal plants.
The aftermath of burning a mountain of coal isn't pretty.
We are still belching smoke and smog and dependent on both oil and coal.
Many years ago there were many coal mines here which was the living for many families.
Note the aging coal mine structure near the bottom of the photo.
For example, he wrote about burning coal for fuel and using paper money rather than coins.
For clean coal they have symmetrically aligned stack of molecules coming out of two cooling towers.
The markets for medium-term bets on coal prices and weather conditions suffered.
Replacing wood and coal with electricity could help reduce poverty and pollution.
The accompanying camouflage kit allowed an agent to paint the coal the same color as local coal in order to blend in.
Coal informs discussions about the gas rigs and leases cut into the forests and farmland.
The best part of going into a coal mine is coming out again.
It is a renewable energy source, unlike petroleum and coal.
Miners uncovered the unusual find while digging for lignite, or brown coal.
Coal mining destroys forests and environment by blowing them up.
Coal fired power stations are designed for constant loads.
Actually what you suggest is equally possible for coal.
We have enough coal to run the planet for several hundred years.
Transformation of plants to coal is a time-temperature problem, much shorter time at higher temperature.
The clean mixture is whiter and not coal color, never more coal color than altogether.
The coal industry was heavily subsidized during the nineteenth century.
The danger is that coal will likely appear to be the cheapest alterative.
The incident also could have been caused or exacerbated by coal dust, which is equally combustible.
Coal fired power plants are not designed for constant loads.
Coal isn't valuable enough to justify the expensive extraction inherent in a deep mine.
Seriously, if you live near a coal plant or mining, don't drink the ground water.
Coal isn't a solution and won't even mitigate the situation.
Last year's flood disaster also inundated coal mines, pushing up coal prices.
The risks of nuclear power are far less than oil or coal, for many reasons.
They may finally make solar a viable alternative to coal and gas plants.
Spare us that tired argument about electric vehicles being coal-powered vehicles.
But when the coal dust cleared, a sturdy new commercial infrastructure remained.
So has the price of electricity produced by coal-burning power plants.
Nylon is a synthetic fiber made from coal, water and air.
The only real improvement over the past half-century is that coal heating has been replaced by electric radiators.
To environmentalists, clean coal is an insulting oxymoron.
It's time to replace coal power with wind and, yes, nuclear.
Imagine how much coal has been burned in two centuries.
Contrary to the lies they spew through fudged data, the truth is that coal is the greenest fuel on the planet.
The gestation period of large coal plants is six to seven years.
Our electricity mostly comes from the abundant coal that is found close to the surface.
But a clue is that coal is still the cheapest way to get electricity to make the air conditioners work.
Some provinces report electricity shortages and stocks of coal are low.
But the main problem seems to be demand for goods and energy, as lorries carrying coal crawl endlessly towards the city.
The government has not allowed electricity tariffs to rise in step with coal prices, forcing producers to operate at a loss.
Nearby are gaping pits where coal was mined for generations to feed power plants and factories.
The biggest culprit is the burning of fossil fuels by coal-burning power plants, factories, and automobiles.
The tobacco sits inside the bowl with a layer of foil and a hot coal on top.
Coke, which is made by baking coal in large brick ovens for hours to remove impurities, is a fuel used in steelmaking.
Forecasters see no need for new coal and nuclear power plants.
But humanity is a long way from being weaned from the petroleum, natural gas, and coal whose use causes much of this pollution.
And the coal powerplant would have to be near an area with plentiful water, open available land, and sunshine.
Coal sounds promising, but is a huge step backward, a stopgap at best in these days of obvious global warming.
There's also an effort to pair solar concentrators with coal fired power plants.
In many parts of the country, electric cars will essentially be coal-powered, running on electricity generated by the fossil fuel.
Those prices are too high if solar power is to displace coal and natural gas.
So both coal and nuclear cost estimates have been growing.
When natural gas is cheap, they fire the gas turbines and ease up on the coal furnaces.
And when natural gas prices shoot up, they let the gas turbines rest and rely on the coal furnaces.
Large coal mining accidents, killing tens or even hundreds of people happen almost every month.
They were farmers, fishermen and coal miners from rural areas.
But to some greens, the threat of new coal plants coming online is so dire that it demands a more corporeal level of engagement.
The mainland meets more than two-thirds of its energy needs with coal and boasts the world's largest coal reserves.
Coal is the primary fuel for electricity generation.
The coal is then fed into a slotted rotary grate dryer where it is heated by a hot gas stream.
Coal is used during the coking process in steel production, and is burned in power plants to produce heat and electricity.
For that reason, coal-fired boilers are required to have control devices to reduce the amount of emissions that are released.
Not all kinds of coal produce the same amount of heat.
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