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Now pharmaceutical firms are beginning to careen off the patent cliff.
If nothing makes you happier than to be scaling a cliff face, rock climb.
Cliff himself is crying as soon as we're out the door.
Out came the vertebrae, pelvic bones, and-one by one-a series of ribs deeply embedded in the cliff side.
And with manmade ones: centuries-old rock art and cliff dwellings.
They embrace their experts all the way over the cliff.
The economies of the rich world seem to have fallen off a cliff.
Someone needs to be the first lemming over the cliff.
One mile of uphill hiking puts you behind the falls cascading off a rock cliff.
We're not headed down the yellow brick road, we're headed off a cliff.
Other canyons start where a spring sprouts from the base of a cliff as if out of nowhere.
It emerged from foliage on the side of an impossibly steep cliff and proceeded to clamber up the slope without much difficulty.
One environment included a flat plain that ended in a cliff with a soaring vista of the sky.
There were prayer flags going all the way from one side of the cliff to the other.
Unless, of course, you refer to pushing relatives off a cliff.
We found one in archery, which takes the form of a small watermelon sitting on a cliff in the round pictured above.
If the crime leads to prison, future employment prospects fall off a cliff.
They'll jingle it a little to the left or right if they want me to avoid a rock or a cliff.
Knocking a zombie back off a cliff or into a pool of lava is enormously satisfying.
One bad step, and the mule team could run the wagons off a cliff.
They start as part of a headland or sea cliff connected to land.
Imagine driving a continuous supply of cars down a long runway off a cliff for a million years.
Along the cliff to fall and pause and fall did seem.
Over the next three summers, workers chipped away at the dinosaur, gradually removing it from the cliff face.
Once, a team member came across a bone sticking out from the bottom of a recently eroded cliff.
We have now reached this point and things are about to fall off a cliff.
The day is hot, the air scented with desert cliff rose.
When she finally triumphs over him and he is pushed off a cliff, she reverts to her normal, non-zombie self.
Zoom in on some tiny dots on the cliff, and a group of people with binoculars and telephoto lenses can be seen.
Without using its tail, the robot basically free-falls off a cliff.
Over time, any invented product is on a one-way trip over the cliff of inverted pricing and down the curve toward the free.
Describe the cliff dwellings where they lived and how they farmed and irrigated their lands.
He has been really scared this whole time on this cliff because he's not a climber.
Above the noise of traffic you don't hear it from the cliff-top, except on the wildest winter days.
These companies will keep tapping the markets in a bid to extend maturities and smooth out that looming repayment cliff.
On the other, a stone's throw down a cliff, is a small slum-a monument to desperation and government failure.
There is a cliff hanger to creating an audience, starting a following.

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