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Chromosomes are best seen at the point in cell division called the metaphase stage of mitosis.
The telomeres act as caps that stop chromosomes deteriorating, or fusing with other chromosomes to cause abnormalities.
Chromosomes are not sprinkled randomly around the inside of the nucleus.
The other option is to work with a genome sequence and create chromosomes from that.
The study focused primarily on chromosomes and did not delve deeply into other possible effects of exposure to toxic chemicals.
The other two were genes that help maintain the structure of chromosomes.
Instead they are caused by a complex combination of linked genetic variations at multiple sites on different chromosomes.
The little tips of chromosomes get shorter every time a cell divides, and this shortening is a mark of cellular aging.
Loss or abnormal rearrangement of material in the chromosomes is also believed to be a factor in many cancers.
Each chromosome in an individual is a chimera of the corresponding chromosomes in one of his or her parents.
The resulting hybrid cells contained chromosomes from both the skin cells and the stem cells.
Chromosomes do not exhibit big structural differences either.
Once the chromosomes are in place, the spindle helps the cell pull apart into two.
These fragments enable researchers to locate genes on chromosomes.
The researchers also made a new discovery about how chromosomes function.
Objects such as chromosomes and proteins are way too small to pick up or flip over using your fingers.
The process uses pulses of electric current to prompt cell porousness so that the chromosomes can be administered into the cells.
Retroviruses work by adding their genes into the chromosomes of their hosts, which then merrily churn out bits of new viruses.
Theoretically, the new gene would be taken up by the chromosomes of the developing egg, which would mature into a normal adult.
Researchers have equipped yeast cells with semi-synthetic chromosomes.
They can do this because each has specific genes on their chromosomes.
The process gradually erodes the enzyme caps, or telomeres, that protect the ends of the cell's all-important chromosomes.
The work of the four scientists and that of others showed that each time a cell divides, its chromosomes become shorter.
The normal gene is on two chromosomes of the fruit fly.
Nuclei that look darker or larger than others, for instance, often have too many chromosomes inside.
The embryo had three sets of chromosomes instead of two.
The number of chromosomes is different in different species.
As well as developing new centromeres, chromosomes also reorder their genes during the course of evolution.
The chromosomes random recombination condemns us to approach the mean.
The limit is presumed to occur because the structures at the end of chromosomes, called telomeres, reach a critical length.
No special expertise in handling chromosomes, nuclei or eggs is needed.
Swapping chromosomes among eggs could keep embryos from inheriting genetic diseases.
Every time a cell divides, the chromosomes duplicate.
These caps at the ends of chromosomes protect your genes from being eroded each time a cell divides.
They found the flaws in chromosomes, the microscopic strings that contain genes.
They marked the egg's chromosomes with a dye that glowed under ultraviolet light.
Abnormalities on three chromosomes have been linked to inherited risk.
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