Chit in a sentence

Example sentences for Chit

Using education as a chit in his misguided political bargaining strategy is reprehensible.
Now, it seems to me that bar talk should be dealt with as chit chat, which it is.
No chit chat with coworkers when a customer is around.
Instead, he uses their bodies as a sort of chit of authenticity and frankness.
What really annoys me is all the idle chit chat that various members of the crew feel obliged to share with us.
And it doesn't have any chit-chat or jingles or adverts.
The rest is extracurricular chit-chat, which they're free to decline to engage in.
She asked students about their studies and had a brief chit-chat with them.
General conversation or chit-chat should not be included as billable time for the session.
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