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Yet the chief suspect in the minds of many ornithologists is that picture of doe-eyed innocence-the deer.
Chairmen and non-executive directors are to challenge chief executives and their boards far more often.
By the second half of the eighteenth century, spectacles were one of the chief attractions of the theatre.
The chief engineer comes to the bridge with a hopeless report.
For you may imagine what kind of faith theirs was, when the chief doctors and fathers of their church were the poets.
Robberies, murders and abductions are the chief ingredients.
The commander in chief's mood was as bleak as the landscape.
During the last visit, her chief complaint had been irritated sores on the scalp.
The decline has allowed scientists to focus on more subtle traumas, and concussions are chief among them.
The chief executive has to have the ability and authority to function.
The irony surrounding his support for the chief executive and his own current state of affairs is apparently lost on him.
Using a president's family to promote positive images of the country's chief executive was not unprecedented.
According to the local police chief, this is not true.
His chief contribution to our civilization is his leadership in the understanding of nature.
The interpretation of the main part of it presents few difficulties, and he stated clearly his chief motive for writing it.
He was employed as a clerk there for thirteen years, rising to chief clerk, and was considered a model employee.

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