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Now the patient can chew and swallow food and is relearning to brush his teeth.
Hominids had teeth that resembled those of pigs and bears, which can chew tough, fiber-rich food.
The crust is light, with a puffy edge and yeasty chew.
Student, students are merciful and recognised they chew something.
Rats can chew through wire and even steel, obliterating infrastructure.
Standing waist-deep in muddy water, they chew coca leaves to stave off exhaustion and hunger.
After all, a lot of today's busy people don't even have time to chew their food.
We can walk and chew gum at the same time without bumping into utility poles.
Now pop one of the jellybeans into your mouth and chew, without letting go of your nose.
If that were the case, calories would be calculated on a case-to-case basis, since some people chew more than others.
Most large animals have to chew food extensively and form it into a mushy ball that's easy to swallow.
The palate and tongue cracked, and it was almost impossible to chew any food.
It will take a bit of pondering but respectively chew on this one.
To demonstrate this phenomenon for yourself, hold your nose and place a strawberry jelly bean in your mouth and chew.
Chew on that, and then tell me why people put stock in the theories.
Cows and other animals rely on microbes to process the foods they chew into energy.
Should something try to chew on the slugs, they can use the stingers as weapons.
No one has ever filmed the inside of a tornado-where wind can chew asphalt off a road and drive wooden splinters into tree trunks.
These bats chew on the edge of a palm leaf until the ends fall down and forms a tent.
To determine which muscles where involved in this task he had volunteers chew gum in the dark next to a thermal-imaging camera.
Whether the newfound snake was disturbed by the camera flash or simply bit off more than it could chew isn't known.
At a certain weight, it actually becomes impossible for plant-eating mammals to gather and chew enough food to sustain themselves.
They eat natural bark and stems, and have been known to invade campgrounds and chew on canoe paddles.
They regurgitate their food to chew it as cud before swallowing it for final digestion.
They regurgitate their food and chew it as cud before final digestion.
They have extremely strong jaws and wide, flat molars to chew tough vegetation such as tree bark and orchid bulbs.
We've been giving him a lot of toys to chew on but he'll even chew on the brick of our house.
Know's not to get on the furniture, doesn't chew anything other than her stuff.
He has chew toys, and chew bones, but this doesnt seem to satisfy him.
But that environment is incomplete without the reason that humans chew in the first place: food.
Flash does not appear to be a battery hog, nor does it chew away at your phone's resources.
They eat flesh almost exclusively, but unlike hyenas or dogs they do not often chew on bones.
Unable to chew, elephants consume food in large gulps.
In some cases, having something to chew on during take-off and landing is enough to prevent ear pain.
The two ground squirrel species chew up shed snake skins and lick their fur to acquire the scent of their predators.
Chew some gum, a snack or whatever else is available.
Green beef is tough, a tad bland, and has no sustained juiciness-the steak seems played out by the second chew.
Rat signatures are fairly easy to recognize because they chew the ends of the bone to get the marrow.
On of his favorite things to do is chew on the corner of the red-and-white checked plastic tablecloth.
Nearer by, car tires chew the gravel, creeping closer.
In particular, think about brown basmati rice, whose slender grains offer an inviting combination of elegance and earthy chew.
It's creamy and sweet with a soft inside and the perfect amount of chew.
The pies' dark crusts have an irredeemably doughy chew, and their filling is austere beef without a hint of spice.
The swarm was so dense he had to suck bees into his mouth and chew them to get any air.
Early humans had to chew a lot of plants to get enough calories to survive, making another row of molars helpful.
Then, those mandibles come into play and it starts to chew.
According to the authors, the individual may have depended on others to make up for their inability to chew.
And it was worth every single chew, every heavenly swallow, and every single bloated fat cell lining my middle.
All he had to do was walk and talk and chew gum and he would have won it.
They were permitted to chew no more than seven times before swallowing.
Letting the world see him chew gum and fidget with his pencils was an invaluable example.
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