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The video chat is an open group area for all my students to talk to each other or me.
He will chat before and after games, or while waiting to play, but the talk is always basketball.
But beware of mental-health chat rooms, which can be long on sympathy and short on facts.
They may get periodic traffic updates along with the news, chat and music from their car radios.
Modern kids create new slang for e-mail and chat rooms.
Many of us enjoy an occasional bedtime chat with a loved one who is far away.
Twilight calls for the woodsy comforts of drinks and a chat around a toasty fire.
They told his family he was wanted for a brief chat.
Apart from the odd curse, there is not a lot of chat.
Chat with an expert and learn what scientists around the world are doing to help protect parrots.
We stop to chat with another couple on our way back.
Continuous speech is more or less possible without the overhead and commitment of a chat room or an instant-message session.
Chat with your local winemaking store to get a feel for what you're comfortable doing.
It also lets up to ten people hold a video chat together.
Locals chat in teahouses and within hours the news is everywhere.
Showing real-time chat with collaborators: click to enlarge.
It works well when dealing with the hum-drum routine of royal visits, photo-shoots and polite chat with the press.
Either way, they're there to chat with friends and catch up on the local news.
Tour urban chicken coops all over the city and chat with experienced chicken owners.
Selecting a chat in the right window displays the full conversation in the center screen.
It gives you the opportunity to chat informally with your students.
Chat up the locals in small-town diners and cafés, and tell them you're looking for a farm to photograph.
Our chat went well, and to my pleasant surprise they offered me the position.
The pace was slow and locals would sit and chat with the tourists.
Then they arrested and prosecuted the violent ones, and invited the rest in for a chat.
Tight tables encourage you to chat with neighboring patrons.
Many brought their children along, or lingered after voting to chat with friends.
Let me know by email if, and when, you've got some time to chat.
It is a match service, but people can freely view profiles and chat with those they think seem similar to them and interesting.
But each chat makes you memorable, and encourages your fellow chatterers to see you as a pleasant individual with a life history.
The conversation is an informal, off-the-record chat about trends in the market.
Have a chat with him, make sure he's not a sociopath, and then knock off some standard thing.
So much for the effect of the dean's chat with the professor.
Head out on cross-country skis or chat with locals over wild sockeye salmon in the restaurant.
Through the program, users can chat, text or call friends they spot on their maps.
Speed dating, by comparison, offers the opportunity to chat up many eligible singles in rapid succession.
Furthermore, chat rooms may exert peer pressure or reinforce ones' resolve to commit suicide, the authors wrote.
Then chat it up with friends, family, local community groups and get them to go.
Also train is a great place to meet other travelers and chat each other up about destinations, exotic and domestic.
The live chat is mildly interesting, but apparently is heavily moderated so that only questions perceived as good get through.
But for me, the transformative technology is the sidebar chat in coordination with the real-time editing, as shown below.
It was so difficult that, midway through, they opted to end the video chat and move to a conference call.
If the dean has some pals among faculty, then a behind the scenes chat or two may be the way to go.
Read a transcript of their chat, from the bottom up.
Read a transcript of their chat, from the bottom up, and see the comments for more responses to readers' questions.
The site lets her chat with her friends and dress up virtual dolls, by placing blouses, hair styles and accessories on them.
His room was part of a suite, and he was allowed to go out into the sitting area with the police to watch television and chat.
Having developed a storytelling chat bot that learns from visual, textual and scanned input for my postgraduate degree.
It is happening already with low-quality video-chat technologies.
There's also a social side: gamers can chat on online forums, work in groups to solve puzzles and share solutions on a wiki.
Students chat or examine their cell phones or study languidly under spreading trees.
In the courtroom, the two chat together the way married couples chat.
We'd chat every so often, and it was always about our animals.
He would go straight into the kitchen to drink coffee and chat with the cooks.
Naturally, you'll be able to chat in real-time with that friend, presumably about the song or the band in question.
IM, text, and video-chat capabilities have shoved the old phone call aside.
Fans are not automatically added to the video chat portion, even if they are part of the chat conversation.
Several popular chat-show hosts have challenged the government on air and demanded the release of prisoners.
People send texts, emails, and sit in chat rooms rather than meeting face to face.
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