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Outside, we're thinking about that cement-board siding.
It appears to be the sunniest patch amid the towering trees, warmed by a bit of cement path.
Truth is the foundation of all knowledge, and the cement of all societies.
The cement which was to bind it and perpetuate its existence was the affectionate attachment between all its members.
Important negotiations are even now proceeding to further cement trade relations-Times.
Fill the cells on each side of the opening to cement the angle iron in place.
If you get those nasty fine spines in your hand, she says, you can remove them by painting over the area with rubber cement.
Colored, carved, and textured sprayed cement forms the spa and surrounding rocks.
Although its first cost is higher than asphalt, cement is stronger and lasts longer, so its life-cycle cost is lower.
As for the cement-block problem, it is common to fake and live plants.
It took ten days' effort before it was finally plugged, with cement slurry.
He stacked bricks, mixed cement, and hammered wood with the workers.
The house was surrounded by a high cement wall that had been fortified with steel.
The wall, made of ugly cement block, was being repainted.
Removing a twenty-pound bird from the oven is equivalent to lifting two bags of cement.
Besides, magazines were still part of the cultural cement of the nation.
Cement pathways, steaming faintly from the rain, ran between them.
It has also developed methods to remedy deficient cement jobs.
Industries that shut down or moved as a result of the go-green effort include cement, papermaking and steel.
Cement-making and steel production are the other two.
Then hermetically seal the joint with silicone cement.
There is probably more radiation in common cement than the dirt you dug.
Casing is tested by regulation with a process called bond logging to insure the integrity of the casing and cement.
It didn't put in enough centralizers-devices that ensure that the cement forms a complete seal around the casing.
South-facing windows and a cement floor absorb and retain solar energy for home heating.
Apply a dot of the household cement to the back of the spoon's bowl.
These products include cement board siding, stone and brick, and stand and seam metal roofing.
The ants cultivate the fungus, turning it into a sooty mold that acts as living cement, reinforcing the structure of their traps.
Such reactors wouldn't be the cement behemoths that are the image of nuclear power today.
Seams the cement shrunk or the rocks driller thru cracked around the well casing or various other possible reasons.
And its cement exports have nearly tripled so far this year.
Where children once scrambled over rocks to explore haunted caves, now they climb on cement tetrapods.
Such holdings are regarded as a way to cement business relationships, rather than as investments.
It is cheap, so it is possible to imagine whole structures being built out of it, instead of cement.
Out in the distance a huge plant spews out cement and aggregate for yet more construction.
Such a stark contrast in the working population threatens the social cement that usually binds the citizenry together.
More than a dozen tested so far contained not human ashes but powdered cement or dirt.
The cement and steel have to be imported and the buildings may be more vulnerable to earthquakes.
These give it flexibility, so it does not crack as readily as ordinary cement.
Coal ash has a number of industrial uses-cement, concrete and highways among them.
More went to loss-making firms, including an airline and a cement factory, run by shareholders and friends.
Besides, few of these highly qualified immigrants would be interested in pouring cement or coffee for a living.
The defensiveness will cement her sudden conversion into a fierce opponent of nuclear power.
There is no wood, steel, or cement left in the area.
It was not especially good with wool, either, because that fabric's natural oil caused the rubber cement to deteriorate.
Nothing completed yet, but he is about to close on deals involving a cement factory and a fertilizer maker.
Police discharged the handgun into a cement-lined barrel designed for the purpose.
The country has had trouble restoring even the basic capacity to manufacture cement-critical to rebuilding its oil infrastructure.
Carter's speech did nothing to boost confidence and everything to cement his unpopularity.
My police background did cement for me the idea that our current system doesn't work, and cops know that.
They cement their own group loyalties by means of sacred symbols and ceremonies.
He had a metal plate in his head from falling down some cement steps.
Even the highest-tech office is built with steel and cement, pipes and wires.
He had no bath the entire time, and he slept on the bare cement floor of the cell, which he shared with several others.
Cases of soda, bottled water, and iced tea are stacked against one cement block wall.
Inside, she blinked in the light at the smooth, waxed linoleum floors and cement-block walls.
The city is dominated by gray cement and brown dirt, with barely a tree in sight.
The problem is akin to joining a rope to a cement wall.
What's more, the boreholes that channel the natural gas up to the surface are encased in steel and cement.
She straightens a kink in the filament and blows on the butterfly gently a few times to dry the cement.
And in every culture, music forms a social cement for dancing, for singing.
It's as if there's a cement wall that people can't cross.
It gave us a chance to take relationships that had begun on a screen and cement them in the flesh.
Fill their tankers with cement, sink them and cement them in around the gusher.
Mainly these come from burning fossil fuels and from making cement, but there are many others too.
The rear wall features a cross punched out of the heavy raw cement, and light emanates from the cruciform.
Communism is a cement mixer that spews forth drab and indistinguishable gray concrete.
Collapsing to the cement floor from a fist in the face, he broke his arm again on a bucket that was his toilet.
Her small body was curled awkwardly, her right cheek resting on the cold cement in a puddle of blood.
It was part of foreign policy, a way to cement relations with another nation.
We now specifically consider the microstructure-transport property relationships in cement- based materials.
When cement powder is mixed with water, complex chemical and microstructure changes occur.
Berger has investigated the use of cement clinker aggregate in concrete.
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