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Example sentences for Cavalier

Then as soon as you can, continue doing things with your cavalier that you naturally do.
To write them off as totally irrelevant, and dismiss all the other data seems cavalier.
However, if one is looking for a mathematical definition of the theory one cannot be so cavalier.
Historians might take some offence at having their subject treated with such cavalier disregard for reality.
Their election pledges to be tough on crime often translate into cavalier, or unjust, treatment for individual defendants.
But that is a cavalier way to behave with taxpayers' money.
The presidents who willed many of these projects into existence were often cavalier about their legality.
The sports press simply isn't that biased or cavalier about the importance of reporting what's actually happening in the world.
It may readily be imagined how little such thwarting agrees with the old cavalier's fiery temperament.
She beheld distinctly a winged horse, mounted with a cavalier in rich armor, cleaving the air with rapid flight.

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'Ere the King's crown shall fall, there are crowns to be broke; So let each Cavalier who loves honour and m... more
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