Carapace in a sentence

Example sentences for Carapace

Nothing alive and warm could make its way in through my carapace.
They have a carapace that covers an unsegmented thorax and abdomen.
It's carefully designed, with a sumptuously cantilevered icy-white carapace over a brushed aluminum hull.
Something in the music had pierced his public carapace and attacked the individual unconscious.
The bony plates of a snapping turtle's carapace protect it from predators.
Though a successful lawyer, she has wrapped herself in a carapace that keeps her at an emotional remove from much of the world.
Shell burn mostly affects the part of the shell behind the head called the carapace.
Roger belongs to a generation whose major fashion statement is a protective carapace of irony.
It has a pink, translucent abdomen and a swollen carapace.
Every healthy crab is folded in half at its hinged carapace and strapped to a metal bleeding table.
Pick up the lobsters one at a time and, holding the lobster with your hand wrapped around its carapace, drop it in the pot.
The lines of its body follow the lines of the flower, while the detail of his carapace and the spikes on one leg are razor sharp.
The shell on the back of a turtle is called the carapace, while the shell on the belly side is called a plastron.
It had slender antennae that curled into azure blue sensors on the ends, its shining carapace subdivided in twelve exact places.
Turtle shells are divided into two halves: an upper section named the carapace and a lower section named the plastron.
Hatchlings usually have one spot in each carapace scute but are occasionally spotless.
The carapace is longer than wide and is widest toward the rear, appearing somewhat pear-shaped from above.
The turtle's ribs and backbone are fused to the carapace.
In addition, there is often a keel that runs the length of the carapace and varies in height.
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