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Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body.
Researchers discover stem cells that initiate and maintain the growth of brain cancer tumors.
Skin cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal skin cells.
New research shows that depriving patients of copper could halt the growth of tumors in cancer patients.
Prostate cancer is a malignant tumor that arises in the prostate gland.
Drugs firms are concentrating on developing drugs for cancer.
Mango may be headed for the list of food that may help prevent or stop cancer.
Pervasive, elusive and tough, cancer has proved to be a formidable foe against generations of bright and well-funded researchers.
Cancer will be cured, and artificial limbs will outperform natural ones.
It also helps for combating colon and prostate cancer and has many other benefits.
In particular, angiogenesis is a hallmark of every type of cancer.
Combat metaphors about people who have died of cancer abound and are derided by some.
Drugs directed at precise molecular targets are helping cancer patients live longer.
Some dogs can smell odors given off by humans with bladder cancer and diabetes, researchers say.
Science isn't going to cure cancer by next week or clean up the gulf oil spill overnight.
New findings for cancer therapy with slow electrons.
One task they are often asked to perform is to attach themselves to a cancer cell.
The understanding of cellular biology in horses may offer new insights into cancer research.
Nicotine addiction gene may also increase susceptibility to lung cancer.
Other uses include electronics, spark plugs and in drugs to treat cancer.
Different cancer patients need different medicine, but doctors can rarely determine the best match.
My boyfriend of one year has been given a diagnosis of terminal cancer.
Hyperactive immune systems may protect against cancer.
Rethinking cancer by seeing tumors as a cellular pregnancy.
It ends, too often, with a takeover of the body: cancer.
Prostate cancer is cancer that starts in the prostate gland.
They can also explore their genetic likelihood of developing deep-vein thrombosis, skin cancer or glaucoma.
Early detection of cancer is often a key factor in successful treatment.
Brain tumors are not the only type of cancer that can be caused by a virus.
Understanding how cancer begins and then grows is fundamental to one day preventing the disease.
In discussing treatments, cancer doctors plan to include cost.
While lung cancer kills more people worldwide than any other form of the disease, it remains comparatively under-researched.
Ovarian cancer is cancer that starts in the ovaries.
Most forms of cancer still must be spotted visually to be diagnosed.
It spreads much more quickly than non-small cell lung cancer.
Cancer manifests itself in many ways, not only in terms of the types of tissues it attacks, but also in the way it unfolds.
Researchers investigate a new treatment for liver cancer that could help patients too sick for traditional surgery.
Thyroid cancer is a cancer that starts in the thyroid gland.
Imagine you could treat cancer by taking a pill, then directing a laser light toward the location of the tumor.
Current cancer screening often requires painful procedures and weeks of waiting to obtain results.
Cancer researchers have known for years that it was possible in rare cases for some cancers to go away on their own.
Researchers say gene defects that are not mutations can cause cancer tumors.
Gene discoveries and testing can help researchers find the best treatment for cancer patients.
For example, suppose you bought a book about cancer.
For reliable screening, a good image quality is required, since any so-far-undetected cancer is likely to be small.
It's possible that a cancer cure awaits discovery in a rain forest plant.
Killing cancer cells, while leaving normal tissue unscathed, is almost impossible.
The ability to spread underlies the killing power of cancer.
Four years ago, my sister found out she had two types of cancer at the same time.
Drugs companies are charging top dollar for treatments tailored to combat specific types of cancer.
Scientists develop fake tanning lotions that will look more natural and help prevent skin cancer.
Because ovarian cancer often progresses to its late stages with few outward signs, it has come to be known as a silent killer.
In general, the course of treatment is determined by the stage of the cancer.
But an extract of the plant could one day form the basis of cancer treatments.
Surgery for ovarian cancer uses laparotomy, a major abdominal operation.
Bladder cancer is a cancer that starts in the bladder.
Low survival rates make pancreatic cancer a tough disease to face.
Head and neck cancer patients were once primarily older heavy smokers and drinkers.
The major risk factors for prostate cancer are age, family history, and ethnicity.
Radiation therapy may be used as an initial treatment for localized prostate cancer.
Metastatic cancer to the lung is cancer that starts somewhere else in the body and spreads to the lungs.
But ovarian cancer leads them to look for a surrogate.
He was ill for a couple of years and died of cancer.
The rest have involved everything from simple biopsies to colon cancer.
The narrator was not surprised by the return of his cancer.
Someone could find the cure for cancer, but if he ended up on one of those shows he'd still look pathetic.
We didn't speak again until he was diagnosed with cancer.
If scientists do not have a cure for cancer, that makes sense.
Lung-cancer patients without insurance are less likely to receive surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation treatment.
During my teens, two members of my parents' congregation died of cancer, despite all the prayers offered up on their behalf.
Skin cancer can develop in anyone, not only people with these risk factors.
It usually grows and spreads more slowly than small cell lung cancer.
High-dose external radiation to the neck increases the risk of developing thyroid cancer.
Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cervical cancer.
Androgen deprivation therapy is not a cure for prostate cancer, but it can help control symptoms and disease progression.
While some experts believe the cancer rate has peaked, others warn that it could take decades for all cancers to be detected.
But the research could be an important step in creating a lotion that helps humans avoid getting skin cancer.
But no one has proven that shark cartilage actually cures cancer.
Without this protective layer, people are more susceptible to skin cancer and eye damage, scientists say.
The cancer cell's pink mitochondria and gold endoplasmic reticulum--a network of vesicles and sacs--swirl around a dark nucleus.
Currently doctors use light-sensitive materials to treat a variety of diseases, including certain forms of cancer.
Some even warn that repeated visits to the radon mines could increase a patient's risk of developing lung cancer.
But it's also radioactive, and in higher doses, can cause cancer.
About five weeks ago, he was told he was cancer free.
One could be in cancer treatment, where fasting seems both to protect healthy tissue and to make tumours easier to treat.
Radiation treatment every day for tonsillar cancer was filling his throat and mouth with sores.
If the genes that cause this mobility could be turned off, it would slow a cancer's spread.
Cancer is caused by tobacco inhalation and the filters that contain many poisonous chemicals.
UV-induced tan was also, unfortunately, the cause of a sharp rise in skin cancer rates and premature wrinkles.
Proteins play a part in almost everything your body does, so they're key to understanding everything from digestion to cancer.
It might even be what makes whole grains effective cancer fighters.
Mutated cells are seen as a possible cause of cancer.
Opponents of fluoridation point to newer studies that link it to osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer.
The key to halting cancer cells may lie in their sugary coats, scientists say.
Physics shows that cell phones cannot cause cancer.
The early bird gets the worm-and may avoid skin cancer.
And in cancer cells, which unfortunately do not seem to age, telomere length is maintained virtually indefinitely.
Oxidative stress and free radical damage to cells may initiate the early stages of cancer and heart disease.
Cancer treatments robbed the author of his sense of taste.
Most current research into the causes of cancer focuses on genes and environmental triggers.
Substances released by some tumors, including prostate cancer, enhance clot-busting and thus promote bleeding.
Yet the rate of brain cancer detection has been steady for years.
Of all the thousands of diseases that keep hypochondriacs awake at night, cancer of the heart is not one of them.
And some of these mutations affect genes that are involved in cancer or genetic disorders.
She had no family history of colorectal cancer and a review of systems was positive for abdominal bloating.
The medical elite thought they knew what caused ulcers and stomach cancer.
Then come the two demons, cancer and nuclear meltdown.
Wands has been studying the protein's role in cancer for six years.
Researchers call the experimental drug a major success for targeted cancer therapies.
Cancer vaccines, unlike conventional vaccines, are designed not to prevent disease but rather to treat it.
Bacterial shells deliver a double whammy to cancer.
The antibody colored yellow can bind only to a receptor on the surface of a cancer cell.
Proton-beam cancer therapy could become more available, thanks to a new device.
When set to music, colon cancer sounds kind of eerie.
Cancer cells produce different metabolic products which can be sensed by dogs.
The test distinguishes two types of lung cancer and should help doctors tailor treatments to their patients' needs.
To exist, a cancer needs a living organism, but it cannot ever become a living organism.
She was by his side when he went to the hospital for prostate tests a month later and then learned he had cancer.
It was presumed that their cancer was attributable to nuclear exposure without considering the radiation dose.
Last fall it was revealed that, months earlier, he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.
Further surgeries indicated that the cancer had spread to some lymph nodes.
My husband's father had several heart attacks and recently died of prostate cancer.
Statistical reports and monographs on cancer trends in specific populations.
We collect incidence, prevalence and survival data and publish reports on these and cancer mortality.
Cancer information specialists can answer your questions about cancer and help you with quitting smoking.
Cancer screening trials usually involve people who do not have any signs or symptoms of cancer.
Researchers are working on developing effective methods to screen for lung cancer.
Currently, however, there is no generally accepted screening test for lung cancer.
Risk factors and methods to increase chances of preventing specific types of cancer.
Health problems that develop years later as a result of a survivor's original cancer treatment are known as late effects.
Getting a cancer diagnosis is a stressful and shocking experience.
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