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Yesterday, the featured demonstration was about cooking-or rather, not cooking-with cacao.
There is no profit in going to such lengths to buy coffee or cacao, or other alternative crops.
Researchers are racing to fortify the embattled cacao tree and to meet increasing demand for cocoa made from its seeds.
Bananas, cacao and bee-pollinated crops are all threatened with collapse in part because of their monoculture management.
One dessert consists of coconut meat dipped in pungent chocolate that's been coaxed from the seeds of the indigenous cacao trees.
He's grown coffee and then cacao, working to help create a positive life for the people on the island.
First there was the native cacao tree, from whose fruit chocolate is made.
Before the end of the century the same drug would be found in kola nuts and cacao.
The city also has a rich tradition based around the numerous coffee, cacao and banana plantations.
Travel back in history to understand how the indigenous people take cacao and make it chocolate.
Attention chocolate connoisseurs: the resort can arrange excursions to a cacao farm or factory.
Hot chocolate is made from fresh cacao beans grounded on-site.
Learn all about making chocolate, from extracting and drying to crushing and processing cacao beans.
Did you know that coffee was a topic for the fair trade movement before cacao.
Freshly roasted cacao beans, mounded in burlap bags, await noisy grinding machines.
Chocolate sweetness is determined by the ratio of cacao solids to sugar.
But cacao pods are highly susceptible to pests, especially when the dried beans are shipped.
Chocolate's flavor differs depending on the source of the cacao used for it.
Pods from cacao trees are the main source of raw material for the production of chocolate.
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