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For some car aficionados, a vehicle takes on a personality all its own.
Rental car insurance is an option available to people who rent a vehicle.
Moving through water, the dolphin was able to attain the average speed of a car driven in the city.
The common wisdom is that it's more expensive to lease a car than to buy one.
Car sharing revs up on college campuses as officials grapple with parking and congestion.
And a car has to change lanes to overtake a cyclist.
In addition, weigh issues of reliability and safety as objectively with hybrid vehicles as with any other type of car.
Still, she refused to sit in the other car and got off the train at the next stop.
In the last episode, a caller asked about stopping a car.
As long as the car is recharged overnight, the average commuter should rarely have to use its internal-combustion engine.
Today's car manufacturing is done in large part by robots.
The officer took my driver's license, stepped away from the car to write up the ticket-then hastily returned.
Store everything in your car or in a bear box if the campground offers one.
Once produced, the clean hydrogen feeds the fuel cell that produces the energy for the car.
The result can be pumped into your car and run through a fuel cell-or even burned in a conventional internal combustion engine.
Combine your errands, car pool to work, or take public transportation to reduce both your energy and water use.
The police officer stepped into the traffic, blocking our car.
Your can get an environmentally friendly car and an environmentally friendly washing machine.
Only two things matter when building a race car powered by the sun: maximizing efficiency and minimizing weight.
The world's car companies are betting on a surge in sales of super-luxury vehicles.
If snow is threatening, you may find yourself sharing a cable car with a farmer and his cows as they take the easy way down.
Check out these two pictures from the bumper car ride at the fair.
And then everybody would be happy: car owners, power companies and consumers of electricity.
In a conventional auto race, the winner is the car that finishes first.
Car companies are going to be evolving in that direction over time.
Its owners are either so green, or so keen to pinch their petrol pennies, that they were willing to buy an ugly car to prove it.
In a demolition derby, the winner is the car that finishes.
Or he'd try to stretch it into the car and balance it on the dashboard.
Montague could simply hold the proper end of the car aloft while someone else attached the spare.
Some of us pine for that car that folds up into a suitcase.
Traffic is so bad that car journeys of a few kilometres can take a couple of hours.
Altering the path of light, though, is a bit trickier than making a car swerve.
Stock up the car with everything you might need for nursing or changing.
We were up in a big car looking down on him, but somehow he was in charge.
But you can still get better mpg in the car you have.
The particulars of the case-whether one company has the right to patent an adjustable car pedal-leave room for excitement.
It's getting to be that time of year when the garage-less must trudge outside extra early to start the car to defrost the windows.
If you're driving and a subject catches your eye, stop the car and investigate the location on foot.
Convenient and quality amenities include a consolidated rental car facility to help you get to your preferred destination.
Coupled with depressed lecturer's wages and a car that wouldn't survive the commute, the writing was on the wall.
Imagine you're an automaker with a killer car in the works.
Everyone always says that student loan interest is low but car loans are lower than this.
Tragically, that's when the ultralight slammed into an oncoming car.
One of the more unusual approaches to the flying car combines a dune buggy with a propeller and a big parachute.
But the production of a new car is a pretty emissions-intensive process.
Those who live in urban environments know that there's no such thing as car stereo ownership.
My kids grew up in the back seat of the car on various road trips.
Hotfooted down the next day, picked it up, tried to start reading it in the car on the way home.
They live at home and commute to the campus each day by car.
The company that killed the electric car is ready to resuscitate it.
Driving a real car and driving a video-game car are two different skills.
Poor fuel economy can be a symptom of car trouble, or driver trouble.
When your car starts sputtering, it's easy to look at the dashboard and see if you're running out of gas.
Mark was waiting for me in the parking lot under the halo of light next to my car.
She must have been kicked unseen or brushed by a car.
Car-navigation systems still direct visitors to the post office, which is no longer there.
What goes in car radiators is ethylene glycol, which is toxic.
Remove unnecessary items from your car, particularly if they are heavy, because carrying heavy loads increases gas consumption.
With factories multiplying and car ownership surging, the cities' air quality has plummeted.
Here, you can rent a car and get the insurance you need.
With or without a car, green up your garage and transportation choices with our interactive guide.
Rent your car to a neighbor when you don't need to use it.
The car's receiving coil still needs to be fairly close to the charger's emitting coil.
Thumb drives or other music devices plug into the car stereo ports.
As you gather your bags from the luggage terminal, the last stop on your way out of the airport is the car rental counter.
At one time, car travel was always less expensive but less convenient than air travel.
If you can't sell folks a new car, let them borrow one.
Unlimited mileage is an option offered by certain rental car companies, but it can come with hidden fees.
If car is not taken, the color is apt to be too intense.
They had lately let my sleeping-car alone in the old barn.
We are ordered to ship our howitzer on a platform car.
She folded the raiment and stored it in the goodly wain, and yoked the mules strong of hoof, and herself climbed into the car.
Even in such words as father, car and ask the flat a was universally used.
Once the car is warmed up, she flips a fuel toggle on the dashboard to switch to the vegetable oil.
Two of the paintings were later found in an unlocked car parked at a psychiatric facility, less than a mile from the museum.
Another car drove up, aggressive, loud music thumping in the trunk.
Or a hunting uncle who could car ten-penny nails or get sustenance from a grindstone after stalking a buck from sunup to sundown.
Family turns car space into people space, with room for guests.
Electric power is generated by solar panels on top of the south-facing detached, one-car garage.
He parked his car on a residential block and took out his skates from the back seat, where he kept them all winter.
It also had a car deck that stretched from bow to stern through the hull's insides.
Within a few hours, the car had been turned upside down and utterly destroyed.
Look at your car sitting there in the driveway-sad, squat, all four tires on the pavement.
Behind one of them is a shiny car and behind the others are far less lustrous goats.
So even though your car will be only half as heavy as it was before, it will still be safer when whacked by a heavier one.
Driving a car using only one's thoughts is no longer the stuff of science fiction.
As the road dips and curves, a car has to follow that path, dipping and curving as well.
Tires are certainly not the first thing consumers think about when shopping for a car.
Then she stopped eating, and the seizures she'd had since her car accident began to last longer.
The car pushes them to the right, toward the center of the circle it is making.
He is so absorbed in conversation that only as disaster is about to strike does he look up to see the car bearing down on him.
As he learns to control certain brain waves while playing the game, his race car speeds up.
Rolling up the car windows and blasting the radio did nothing to silence them.
It got so bad that you both were convinced he was actually dying, so you bundled him up and took him out to the car.
Yes, her husband used many paints and chemicals in his custom car business, but she was rarely at his shop.
The key is relatively simple, compared with the rest of the car.
The car's walls buckled, and steel debris tore up through the floor.
She was smoking a cigarette and tapping the steering wheel with her thumb, keeping time to music on her car radio.
He kept an eye on the five when they moved off in a bunch, causing an oncoming car to slow to a crawl as they crossed the street.
They'll listen to music that comes from an object that fits in the hand, and they'll listen to music in the car.
She sat in the back and smiled at him from the milky darkness of the car's interior.
Booth often features cartoons about incompetent car mechanics and dog-infested car garages.
The decline in new-car purchases has been so steep that the average life of a car on the road today is at a historic high.
It takes years to verify that a new battery technology will last for the life of a hybrid or electric car.
The planned plug-in hybrid car is at the core of the automaker's attempt to reinvent itself.
In the plug-in version of the car, the extra battery can be recharged from an electrical outlet.
The car, which was built by hand, incorporated a variety of weight- and fuel-saving technologies.
The solar roof will simply help keep the car cool when it's parked by running a fan to ventilate the car.
The battery drives the car at low speeds for short distances and boosts acceleration, lowering demand on the engine.
The cost of the car will depend on the length of the service contract, he says.
For example, the car could be free with a six-year agreement.
Suddenly the door of the cop car to the fore swings out into the night, getting stuck open in a snow bank.
They certainly had wild car chases and brutal violence.
And the guy says-he points at the ground, and underneath the car is the wallet.
We turned the car around and drove to our neighbor's house.
The southwest approach was the staging ground for car bombs and suicide bombers.
He isn't handsome but he is rich enough to have an elegant car and a big diamond ring.
It was our first exposure to the use of wranglers, too, kids that find you your car after these events.
But he did discuss the dangers of his job and the difficulties in obtaining an armored car.
These tips on driving more efficiently and maintaining your car will help you improve the fuel economy of your car or truck.
Provides information for consumers interested in buying a used car.
Most consumers want to know how to buy the car of their choice at the best possible price.
Outlines points to consider and questions to ask when you rent a car.
Almost all cars today use gasoline, but my car runs on the sun.
That's not to say your trip to the car dealer has to be painful.
In an ideal world, car insurance would be straightforward and everyone would understand exactly how it works.
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