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Pressing the right stick waves the cane to either side to check for obstacles.
And there before him was the chair, its oil-cloth cover now removed, its cane bottom exposed.
Cane again to the presupposed and ready eucalyptus tree, count out sherry and ripe plates and little corners of a kind of ham.
He hurries after the wrongdoer with lifted cane, in order to chastise him.
Eventually there will be lots of fruit, too, everything from citrus and stone fruit trees plus rows and rows of cane berries.
In the long run, cellulosic will never compete with cane ethanol.
The article simply ignores the biofuel from sugar cane.
It is well established that alcohol from sugar cane is almost as cheap as oil.
However, tens of thousands of acres world wide are used for tobacco which could be used for say sugar beets or sugar cane.
In a parasite survey of cane toads, they came across pentastomes with two kinds of hooks.
They took him to a hallway and asked him to walk along it without his white cane.
Since the world is running out of coal, they thought maybe about using the sugar cane leaf for bio fuel.
Each of these petri dishes is filled with skin flakes from cane toads.
Sugar cane grows during about five and a half months.
It's a five-minute outpatient procedure that requires the individual to be on crutches or use a cane for about two weeks.
Once inside she presented us with her own cane and then hobbled off.
Oh yeah, don't forget to wear your jockstrap on the outside of your pants and steal your grandfathers cane.
The cane can be used for rodents or for doll house play.
One audience member reportedly attached a white handkerchief to the end of his cane and waved it at the stage in mock surrender.
The country already has a large and efficient industry producing ethanol fuel from sugar cane.
The country has come a long way from relying exclusively on sugar cane.
But even in crops such as sugar cane and maize, which have been bred for their high yields, a lot of the plant is wasted.
Another plus for the cane is that sugar is not as basic for nutrition as corn, rice or wheat.
When these skinks encounter cane toads, they eat them without consequence.
Rice paddies and sugar cane plantations have been replaced by a brown expanse of cracked mud.
The ink might be nothing more than sugar cane juice mixed with campfire soot.
Made with cane sugar and not high-fructose corn syrup, the imported soda is good to go.
Bring your own equipment and bait, or rent the cane poles and other equipment at the farm.
To try pork roast with turnips in cane gravy, click here for the recipe.
Sucrose is extracted from sugar beets and cane in a series of boiling, extracting, and cleaning steps.
He sometimes carried a bamboo cane in his right hand, which he leaned on as he walked.
He decided not to use a cane and to let people think he was partially sighted.
He walks with difficulty, and has to use a cane-the result of an unbrilliant diagnostician's mistake earlier in his life.
The company now uses liquid corn sugar in addition to cane, but otherwise its recipes haven't changed.
Sit inside, order a freshly pressed sugar cane juice, and drizzle your plate with sweet-tangy sauces.
It will also process what's called energy cane, a relative of sugarcane that's lower in sugar and higher in fiber.
It claims the process can produce sugar at costs low enough to compete with producing sugar from sugar cane.
It was originally cleared for sugar cane, and there is abundant rainfall.
Again, cane ethanol is not singled out as the sole cause but is clearly one of the factors.
Another team built a charcoal extruder that creates charcoal briquettes from empty sugar cane stalks.
His extraordinarily long hands clutch the arm of his cane chair, while his long legs stretch limply across the uncarpeted floor.
Icy water lapped against the planks as he leaned on a cane, barely able to stand.
He didn't even need a cane as he stepped onto the scale.
That's certainly a fair description of the cane toad.
She walked with a slight limp, but she no longer needed a brace or a cane.
She has required a brace and a cane to walk her entire life.
Even then the bride had to hobble around with a cane-a galling experience for a ballerina.
Flogging someone with a cane causes intense pain and permanent bodily damage.
His bat was a machete, ripping through the strike zone as if it were cutting sugar cane.
In fact, less gutsy, since uptight white people don't yank you off the stage with a cane.
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