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Would that collecting data was as fun as collecting butterflies.
Butterflies can use ultraviolet markings to find healthier mates.
Directly above her bed, visible while prone, is a collection of beautiful butterflies.
Attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your garden.
Bees and butterflies loved the space from the start, and now that plants are maturing, birds have become regulars as well.
Most lavenders dry beautifully for bouquets and attract bees and butterflies.
Make it a better one by planting for bees and butterflies, wildlife, and birds.
There were many wonderful butterflies round about, but only a few birds.
The butterflies' similar appearance imparts the don't-eat-us lesson more efficiently.
And tasty viceroy butterflies are safe from birds because they resemble monarchs, which are unpalatable.
Russo has compared them to a collection of pinned butterflies.
The idea of a world without bees or butterflies, without scent or color, affected me with a sense of awe.
The bag butterflies into two sections on the conveyor belt: the main pack and the padded computer sleeve.
Within the marine gastropods known as sea butterflies and sea hares, for example, there are both shelled and shell-less species.
He hunted butterflies with a darting net, only to break their wings.
Except that his quarry is viruses, not butterflies and birds.
In every neighborhood, she collected wireless names-a city dweller's version of catching butterflies.
The walls are adorned with mounted butterflies and a rather unsettling array of stuffed birds and fish.
There is a belief among the caboclos that the butterflies come to the riverbank to ask the water to rise again.
When preferred plants disappear, butterflies are at risk.
We have one twin that is pink, butterflies and the perfect lady all the way.
It should also eventually include other pollinators such as butterflies and moths.
Our reproductive cycle is longer than say butterflies.
Many migrating animals such as birds, whales, and butterflies use magnetism for navigation.
It affects other butterflies but it continues to be used commercially.
Print detailed illustrations of monarch butterflies and other animals to color or use in school projects.
Birds, butterflies, and beasts take off on epic migrations.
Gilman said there is no scientific consensus on why sunspot-migration diagrams take the shapes of butterflies.
Watch these incredible insects transform from caterpillars to butterflies.
Follow the arduous journeys of birds, butterflies, and beasts.
Little else is more stunning or majestic than watching flocks of hundreds of butterflies quietly fluttering around a garden.
The butterflies often land on visitors, for a close and personal encounter with the insects.
Colorful and rare butterflies accompany you on your journey.
Some lucky visitors have butterflies land on them, too.
Flitting across your yard, butterflies seem friendly and harmless.
Guests can also explore the grounds around the cabin, which still attract an abundance of butterflies.
The garden also contains artwork, wildlife and butterflies.
Visitors can also get a sugar pad and go into the butterfly garden to feed the butterflies.
Guides walk visitors through the enclosed observatory, educating them on the life cycle of the butterflies with live examples.
The fall migration of monarch butterflies is nothing short of navigational wizardry.
Songbirds and butterflies enjoy vising this garden, too.
He sees tourists coming down to gawk at birds, tropical flowers and brilliantly colored butterflies.
There's a certain amount of whimsy at play here too: for instance, the brightly colored butterflies inlaid into the mosaic floors.
Explore the rain forest with your junior adventurers and look for monkeys, sloths, colorful birds and butterflies.
Monarch butterflies add color to the forest and magic to the air.
Butterflies are a wonderful reflection of the surrounding landscape.
There are many more species of moths than butterflies.
The adult butterflies are caught, marked with a number on a wing with a fine-tipped felt pen and released.
The butterflies that travel south in the fall overwinter in the south.
Although a large family, few brush-footed butterflies feed on forest trees and shrubs.
Watching butterflies in a natural setting is easy at the park's butterfly garden.
It is a soft light fabric to avoid damaging the butterflies wings.
Some of the butterflies feed not only on nectar but on the desert itself.
He spent his leisure time studying butterflies and writing poignant scientific papers on his results.
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