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When a dolphin discovered a mine, it would swim back to the boat's bow and nose an attached disk or ball.
As the sunset exploded over the bow, the moon rose over the stern.
Jenny, the bride-to-be, asked for help with the bow on the back.
In American orchestras, more women are taking the bow.
Tying the perfect bow is not worth tying yourself in knots.
The muscles must be developed by shooting a heavier bow.
Her father was a violinist who was seldom able to make his living by his bow.
They will bow down before us.
Relax, take a deep breath, and stop trying to tie the perfect bow.
These days many Japanese businessmen and women shake hands, rather than bow.
Draw not your bow till your arrow is fixed.
Moments later, bullets tore into the bridge, and vapor trails from rocket-propelled grenades streaked across the bow: pirates.
Two bald eagles landed on a chunk of ice near the bow of the ship and appeared to be sharing a fish.
If you have made up your mind, bow out graciously and allow someone else to take your slot.
To the left that jet is creating a visible bow shock.
The orcas rapidly closed the gap to the dolphins and rode alongside our vessel, sometimes leaping next to us or bow-riding.
Brought low by a thorough shelling from his opponents, he declined to bow out in the wake of his early losses.
But the gold standard also has to stand up and take a bow.
Impossible to see in the picture: the coordinated shout and semi-bow toward the plane when the fueling was done.
He throws down his bow and arrows and re- fuses to fight.
Most said grace before eating, though they did it silently and discreetly, with a quick bow of the head.
He could communicate: yes with upshot eyes, a neck-bow for affirmation, a drubbing of feet on his wheelchair for attention.
Elected governments bow to the demands of selfish factions and interest groups.
We bow our heads in memory of them, in respect of them.
But politicians bow to the gun enthusiasts because their beliefs are much more likely to determine how they vote.
Be on time, don't leave tips and learn to bow with head and neck.
She wonders if dolphins seen bow riding near ships are doing something similarly foolish.
It might take the father a bit longer to make the bow as a teacher than if he were doing so on his own.
As you slide down the other side of the wave the water rushes to the bow and your feet are dry.
The horse trampled upon it, and stumbled, half dragging her from the saddle-bow.
When faster-traveling clumps impact slower material, they create distinctive bright cones called bow shocks.
We ended up with a bow and arrow set and a stuffed dragon.
He was tall and trim and impeccably dressed, his suits well-pressed and invariably accented with suspenders and florid bow ties.
He took a bow, wobbled, and shot one of the staff in the leg.
He is into virtuoso plucking at one moment or projecting a rich cello sound with his bow at another.
The ultimate bow fishing prize: nailing a silver carp midair.
Walker compared it to launching an arrow from a bow.
Please ask the attendants at the hotel to bow to the guests as a matter of courtesy.
One pokes fun at bow-topped cars as gifts, with a sheep adorned by a big red ribbon.
She was cute as a button in a red dress with a lace bodice and big bow on her hip.
The salvagers first had to cut away the sub's bow, which was wrecked by the explosions.
But mostly because you guys humiliated those people, you used your paper's power to make them bow to the will of a non-believer.
Bow fishing is a rapidly growing sport that anyone can enjoy.
There's a short bald guy with a bow tie on the cover, emblematic of what happened to my dating life.
It's also a warning shot across the bow of pretty much every software company anywhere.
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