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Leaving the dry cabin you find there's two inches of water on the floor of the boat.
It makes you think of negativities-the water that is not in the boat, the boat that is not a boat.
Spray skirts are made of neoprene and keep water from getting in the boat.
Properly anchoring a fishing boat, particularly when you are in open waters, may be essential to your fishing success.
Charting a boat trip works along the same principles as planning your route on a road trip.
If boat traffic increases, the rail industry stands to benefit.
In his free time, he wins boat races in which the skippers build their vessels from scratch in six hours or less.
The design-and-build process for the boat has been arduous and has taken quite a bit longer than expected.
All agreed that running directly into the side or corner of a container could cause enough damage to sink the boat.
We come out of the belly of the boat and they give us each a number.
The air smells good because the boat smelled so bad.
Art fairs are to the art world what boat shows are to boat fans-a fast, slick way to show off the goods.
You're in a boat with lots of good company--so try to take it in stride.
Education is now in the same boat as healthcare in terms of cost behavior.
So if you're in this boat with me, this post is for you.
She dug for clams, talked with seals, and went to the grocery store by boat.
The problem is the wooden superstructure, the white wedding-cake of decks above the boat's mighty hull.
They are hired by middlemen, who supply them to the boat captains, almost all non-Miskito.
The number of boat-borne asylum-seekers has actually fallen this year.
He started late, and lost his nerve as the boat's structural problems came to light.
The latter is a historical curiosity based on principles of boat design centuries-old, many of which have been forgotten.
If somebody takes a power drill and drills a hole in the bottom of the boat, we're all screwed.
The crew of the boat is remarkably efficient and helpful.
All you got to do is get on a boat and go to the ocean.
It's right on the shore, with a boat dock offering small boats for guests.
See wildlife and nature preserves by boat or tour van.
The interior of the shed has a clean, open layout, inspired by boat cabins.
Laminated resin, sometimes called boat resin, is sold in boat shops.
He made the hasty decision to put everyone on the life boat, tethered to the ship until the fumes cleared.
The boat's deck rises once more, and he launches himself for the fourth rung.
Freeing a beached vessel usually involved the laborious unloading of cargo until the boat rode high enough to clear the snag.
River outfitters bring it down, snugly blanketed, at dawn on a jet boat.
Manatees can't hear the low sounds of boat engines, which is why the animals are frequently injured, a researcher says.
The same day, another couple was driving a boat on the river when a sturgeon jumped up and smashed into the boat's windshield.
The operators of their tour boat had miscounted the number of divers on board and set off without the couple.
When sailing a straight line, let sail out nearly perpendicular to the boat for maximum speed.
According to legend, local residents asked him to let them first use the boat to haul one more load of corn.
We'll also mount it onto a boat to take photographs as the boat floats down the river.
By all accounts, this is not an abnormal occurrence and usually ends with the small boat being turned away.
Airplane wings, wind turbines, and boat rudders are so smooth they invite you to run your hand over them.
We could walk to the pier barefoot, get on a boat and row around.
Most likely dolphins had been grabbing cheap rides long before the first boat cut a wake.
They then watched the bees who had followed the boat to see what they'd do.
In the photo you can see the cargo boat that is carrying all our helicopter fuel.
The lines reflect the path of the boat as it gathers the data.
The pair used only a five-ton fishing boat manned by two crew members.
B's father steers the boat too close to the rocks and it capsizes.
Although he's an actor in the story, an oarsman in his whale boat, his main job is that of a narrator and interpreter of events.
He was doubly anxious sorting out his kit as he got into the boat.
The big reach boat is only a mound of snow at the cove.
Trip after trip the boat makes, lifting the line from one end to the other.
Visitors must lie flat in a shallow boat as it is pulled by wires under the outcrop.
And the crew ducks as the boom sweeps across the boat.
He dropped out of school when he was around eight and worked as a cook on a fishing boat.
One of a boat and a beach called up ads for sailing holidays and boat shoes.
On the way back you drive the truck out and recharge it while you have another charged truck entering the boat.
From looking at aerial photos, my guess is the generators were on a pier where the fuel tanks could be replenished by boat.
So being able to get on the boat and move allowed my head freedom again.
They would have been easy to miss if you weren't on the shore looking back or in a boat at full tide.
It's easy to say you wouldn't swift-boat your opponent.
Having rushed to one side of the boat, he peered down to see a gigantic fish trapped in a net.
Traditionally, this meant squeezing among livestock into a nook of a cargo boat, but these days you can sail in style.
Search for your favorite lake or marina and find the nearest boat launch.
Registration means that a motorized boat can be used.
In the unlikely event that something happens to you, you may need someone to get you and boat back quickly.
Proper number display is the responsibility of both the boat owner and the boat operator.
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